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Frigoríficos del Morrazo
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Full name Club Balonmán Cangas
Founded 1961
Arena O Gatañal
Capacity 2,500
President Manuel Adolfo Camiña Fernández
Head coach Víctor Francisco García Borrás
League Liga ASOBAL
2014–15 Liga ASOBAL, 5th
Club colours          
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Team colours
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Team colours
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Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
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Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
Official site
Team of the Cangas in the Copa Galicia 2014.

Club Balonmán Cangas, known as Frigoríficos del Morrazo for sponsorship reasons, is a Spanish handball club based in Cangas, Galicia. CB Cangas plays in top-flight of Spanish handball, Liga ASOBAL. The home arena of this team is O Gatañal municipal pavilion which can hold up to a total of 2,500 people.

Season by season[edit]

Season Tier Division Pos. Notes
1990–91 3 1ª Nacional "B" 2nd (Group I) Promoted
1991–92 2 1ª Nacional 7th (Group I)
1992–93 2 1ª Nacional 3rd (Group I)
1993–94 2 1ª Nacional 2nd (Group I) Promoted
1994–95 2 Honor B 3rd Promoted
1995–96 1 ASOBAL 13th
1996–97 1 ASOBAL 10th
1997–98 1 ASOBAL 13th
1998–99 1 ASOBAL 12th
1999–00 1 ASOBAL 9th
2000–01 1 ASOBAL 13th
2001–02 1 ASOBAL 13th
2002–03 1 ASOBAL 12th
Season Tier Division Pos. Notes
2003–04 1 ASOBAL 12th
2004–05 1 ASOBAL 8th
2005–06 1 ASOBAL 16th Relegated
2006–07 2 Honor B 6th
2007–08 2 Honor B 8th
2008–09 2 Honor B 5th Promoted
2009–10 1 ASOBAL 16th Relegated
2010–11 2 Plata 5th
2011–12 2 Plata 3rd Promoted
2012–13 1 ASOBAL 14th
2013–14 1 ASOBAL 10th
2014–15 1 ASOBAL 5th
2015–16 1 ASOBAL

Current squad 2015/16[edit]

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