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CD86 (album).jpg
Compilation album
Released 2006
Genre Indie pop
Indie rock
Label Sanctuary

CD86: 48 Tracks from the Birth of Indie Pop is a compilation album of artists from the original C86 era, released in 2006 by Sanctuary Records. It is compiled by Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne.

To coincide with its release, the Institute of Contemporary Arts hosted "C86 - Still Doing It For Fun",[1] an exhibition and two nights of gigs celebrating the rise of British independent music.


Released in 1986, the original compilation album C86 became very influential, and is today credited as the birth of indie pop. Stanley notes: "It was the beginning of indie music. It's hard to remember how underground guitar music and fanzines were in the mid-'80s. DIY ethics and any residual punk attitudes were in isolated pockets around the country, and the C86 comp and gigs brought them together".[2] For the original's twentieth anniversary in 2006, Stanley compiled the set of songs that was released as CD86.[3]


CD86 is inspired by C86. Only three of the songs on C86 appear on CD86; fifteen of the original groups on C86 have alternative tracks on CD86.[3] Several tracks were little-known before the album's release.[4]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4/5 stars[5]
Pitchfork 6.8/10[4]
Prefix magazine 8.0/10[3]

Writing in Prefix magazine, Greg Ingber gave the compilation a good review, noting that over twenty years the songs have stood the test of time very well. Ingber argues that while some may see C86 as not much more than a footnote in pop history, the CD86 compilation demonstrates that the scene was more than that.[3] Nitsuh Abebe disapproved of the revised track-list, saying that "Stanley's set actually runs the risk of convincing old indie-pop kids that the music they spent their youths on wasn't that great." Abebe felt that the later compilation's choices were too narrow in terms of genre, and criticized Stanley for not including more of the tracks included on the original C86.[4] Nick Hasted was similarly ambivalent, noting that the revised compilation would never have the influence of the original.[2] Both Hasted and Abebe recognized, however, that CD86 contained numerous good songs.

Track listing[edit]

There are 48 tracks on 2 CDs.[6]

Disc 1[edit]

  1. "Velocity Girl" – Primal Scream
  2. "The Sun, A Small Star" – The Servants
  3. "Around And Around" – Hurrah!
  4. "Why Does The Rain?" – The Loft
  5. "Vibrato" – East Village
  6. "Pristine Christine" – The Sea Urchins
  7. "What Went Wrong This Time" – The Siddeleys
  8. "Anorak City" – Another Sunny Day
  9. "Get Out Of My Dream" – Clouds
  10. "Golden Shower" – The Boy Hairdressers
  11. "Ask Johnny Dee" – The Chesterfields
  12. "He Blows In" – The Raw Herbs
  13. "Paul McCartney" – Laugh
  14. "You Didn't Love Me Then" – The Hit Parade
  15. "Like Frankie Lymon" – The Weather Prophets
  16. "Sunday To Saturday" – The June Brides
  17. "I Had An Excellent Dream" – The Dentists
  18. "Everybody Knows The Monkey" – Mighty Mighty
  19. "E102" – BMX Bandits
  20. "Talulah Gosh" – Talulah Gosh
  21. "Cut Me Deep" – The Jasmine Minks
  22. "I'll Still Be There" – Razorcuts
  23. "Therese" – The Bodines
  24. "Paradise Estate" – Television Personalities

Disc 2[edit]

  1. "Upside Down" – The Jesus and Mary Chain
  2. "Really Stupid" – The Primitives
  3. "It Always Rains On Sunday" – The Groove Farm
  4. "Black Country Chainsaw Massacre" – Pop Will Eat Itself
  5. "Come Get Me" – 14 Iced Bears
  6. "Sign on The Line" – The Fizz Bombs
  7. "Anti-Midas Touch" – The Wolfhounds
  8. "This Boy Can Wait" – The Wedding Present
  9. "Bible Of The Beats" – Age Of Chance
  10. "Safety Net" – The Shop Assistants
  11. "Just Too Bloody Stupid" – Close Lobsters
  12. "Dukla Prague Away Kit" – Half Man Half Biscuit
  13. "Don't Slip Up" – Meat Whiplash
  14. "I Could Be In Heaven" – The Flatmates
  15. "If I Said" – The Darling Buds
  16. "Poised Over The Pause Button" – This Poison
  17. "Jack And Julian" – The Bachelor Pad
  18. "On Tape" – The Pooh Sticks
  19. "Flowers Are In The Sky" – Revolving Paint Dream
  20. "Whole Wide World" – The Soup Dragons
  21. "Frans Hals" – McCarthy
  22. "Like An Angel" – The Mighty Lemon Drops
  23. "Why Popstars Can't Dance" – Big Flame
  24. "Baby Honey" – The Pastels


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