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F501 Class
Type and origin
Power typeDiesel mechanical
BuilderWalker Brothers, Wigan
Serial numberD31–D33
Build date1954
 • UICB′B′
Gauge3 ft (914 mm)
Driver dia.2 ft 3 in (0.686 m)
Loco weight23.3 tonnes (22.9 long tons; 25.7 short tons)
Prime moverTwo Gardner
Engine typeDiesel
Train brakesVacuum
Performance figures
Power output2 x 224 hp (167 kW)
Tractive effortStarting: 46 kN (10,341 lbf)
Number in class3
NumbersOriginally C31-C33, → 500-502, renumbered in 1957 to 501-503
LocaleWest Clare Railway
Withdrawn1961 (on closure of West Clare Railway)
DispositionAll scrapped, 1968

The CIE 501 Class locomotives were built in 1955 by Walker Brothers of Wigan for use on the narrow gauge (3 ft or 914 mm) lines on the West Clare section of the CIÉ. They were small diesel mechanical locomotives, of 0-4-0+0-4-0 wheel arrangement. Controlled from a central cab the locomotives had two Gardner engines of 224 hp (167 kW), one under each end casing, driving through a fluid coupling and Wilson gear box the inner axle of the opposite bogie, through a spiral-bevel-reverse and reduction gear box. Unusually the locomotives were driven from a seat mounted sideways to the direction of travel giving a clear field of vision both ways by a mere turn of the head. The locomotives were fitted with vacuum brakes, emergency braking coming from a "deadman's" pedal, one at the driving position and two others, one mounted on each side of the cab. When used on freight services their maximum speed was 40 kilometres per hour (25 mph), but with an overdrive fitted, released by a key, this was raised to 51 kilometres per hour (32 mph) for passenger trains.


They were originally numbered C31-C33 in the West Clare steam locomotive series, but were subsequently renumbered into the diesel locomotive series as F501-F503. They were withdrawn in 1961 when the West Clare lines were closed and stored at Inchicore Works for seven years. The Isle of Man Railway made an offer for the locomotives which was rejected by CIÉ who subsequently made less money by selling them for scrap in 1968.


The Walker 501 Class has been made as a 00 gauge brass kit by Worsley Works Models[1]


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