Starfield COEX Mall

Coordinates: 37°30′43″N 127°3′32″E / 37.51194°N 127.05889°E / 37.51194; 127.05889
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Starfield COEX Mall
스타필드 코엑스몰
Interior shot of the Byeolmadang Library in the mall
The Byeolmadang Library (별마당도서관) inside the mall (2018)
Coordinates37°30′43″N 127°3′32″E / 37.51194°N 127.05889°E / 37.51194; 127.05889
Address513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Previous namesCOEX Mall
Public transit access Samseong

Starfield COEX Mall (Korean스타필드 코엑스몰; formerly known as COEX Mall) is an underground shopping mall in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu Seoul, South Korea. The name "COEX" is derived from "COnvention centers" and "EXhibition halls".

The mall is located near Samseong station on Seoul Subway Line 2, at the intersection of Teheranno and Yeongdong Dae-ro. The COEX Mall is adjacent to the COEX Convention & Exhibition Center, which is part of the COEX complex, run by the Korea International Trade Association (KITA). Millennium Square is the main exit of COEX Mall connecting with Line 2's Samseong Station.[citation needed]

It has an area of about 154,000 square metres (1,660,000 sq ft), of which 144,000 square metres (1,550,000 sq ft) are on a single underground floor, making it the world's largest underground shopping mall.[1] Along with hundreds of shops, the mall houses two food courts, MegaBox (cinema), COEX Aquarium and a large bookstore, but the Kimchi Fields Museum has moved to Insadong. It features a game area that is used to film computer game tournaments, which are broadcast on local television. There are stages inside and outside the mall for seasonal events and public appearances by celebrities.[citation needed]


The mall was originally developed by investments from the Korea International Trade Association. COEX Mall was designed by the US interior design company RTKL. COEX Mall was also designed by Gensler, under the theme "Unfolding Sky", emphasizing seamless flow and openness. Construction of the mall began on May 1997 and finished in April 2000. Construction costs amounted to 140 billion (US$150 million).[2]

In May, 2012, KITA (Korea International Trade Association) announced major renovation plans for the mall. It will spend ₩180 billion to the upgrade project. The renovation is needed to create passenger walkways between the new Bongeunsa Station on Seoul Subway Line 9, due for completion in 2014, with Samseong Station on Line 2. It was scheduled to start at the end of 2012 and complete by November 2014. The floor space is expected to increased to 173,025 square metres (206,936 square yards) from its current 152,116 square metres (181,929 square yards).[3] The COEX complex renovation was completed on 27 November 2014.


The COEX Mall is located at Seoul Gangnam-gu Yeongdong-daero 513(Samseong dong). This mall is connected the Samseong Station on Seoul Metro Line 2 and Bongeunsa Station on Seoul Metro Line 9. Chungdahm Station Line 7 is next to COEX Mall, as is World Trade Center Seoul.[4]



The mall features five plazas: the Central Plaza, Live Plaza, Millennium Plaza, Asem Plaza, and Airport Plaza.

Starfield Library (Byeolmadang Library)[edit]

The library has 50,000 books, 600 magazines, and offers e-books. In addition, it serves as an event center, intended to host talk shows with authors, lectures with intellectuals and personalities, and concerts.[5]

Contrary to popular belief, not all the books on display are real. Books on higher shelves or on shelves that cannot be reached are decorative.[6]


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