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Hangul 테헤란
Hanja 테헤란
Revised Romanization Teheranro
McCune–Reischauer T'eheranno

Teheranno (alternatively Teheran-ro, translation "Tehran Boulevard") is a street in the Gangnam district of Seoul, South Korea. It runs from Gangnam Station through Yeoksam-dong and into Samseong-dong. It is colloquially known as "Teheran Valley" (after Silicon Valley) due to the number of internet-related companies operating there. The district of Gangnam-gu experienced phenomenal growth and waves of construction, with Teheranno becoming one of the busiest streets in South Korea. Its counterpart, Seoul St. in Tehran,Iran , runs in the north of that city, close to the Evin district.

Teheranno is a 3.5 km section of Korean Highway 90, and runs eastwards from Gangnam Station to Samseong Station and the COEX/KWTC complex. Yeoksam and Seolleung stations are also on Teheranno. All stations are on Seoul Subway Line 2.

Some of Korea's tallest skyscrapers and most expensive real estate are in Teheranno, while Seoul Metropolitan Government estimates that more than half of Korea's venture capital, some 200,000,000,000 won (approximately $200,000,000), is invested in Teheran Valley.[1]


The tablet of commemorating the visit by Mr. Gholamreza Nikpay, Tehran's Mayor, to Mr. Kuh Cha-chun, Seoul's Mayor

On 27 June 1977, the Seoul Metropolitan Government suggested that the city of Seoul and Tehran, pre-revolutionary Iran exchange the names of streets on the occasion of the visit to Korea of Gholamreza Nikpey, Mayor of Tehran. The following year, Samneungno street was renamed Teheranno, which then ran through a relatively underdeveloped area that been annexed into Seoul in 1963.


The area hosts major domestic internet portals Daum and Naver as well as Google. Samsung Electronics and Hynix both operate offices there. Various Korean and international financial and business institutions including POSCO, Standard Chartered and Citibank also maintain offices there.

The headquarters of LOEN Entertainment, one of the largest music companies in the country, is located in Teheranno.

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