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The statutes of the State of Ohio have established 26 departments of government which are responsible to the Governor.[citation needed] These departments are led by the Director, or in some cases the Commissioner, who must inform and assist the governor in the operation of the state.[citation needed] After the governor appoints the potential director, they must be affirmed by the Ohio Senate.[citation needed]

No limit nor imposition are placed upon the terms, except in the cases that they may be replaced by the current governor, or they resign their term.[citation needed] In turn, the directors may appoint their own staff.[citation needed]

Since the governor appoints the Directors, they are directly incorporated into the Executive branch of Ohio.[citation needed] This gives them the broad authority to enforce the laws of Ohio directly.[citation needed] Many of these Departments issue administrative opinions, proceedings, and decisions, which in turn have the legal influence of stare decisis.[citation needed]

Notices and proposed rules are published in the Register of Ohio,[1] which are codified in the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC).[2][3]

List of departments[edit]

There are several cabinet or administrative departments:[4][5]


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