Cambalache State Forest

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Location Puerto Rico
Nearest city Barceloneta / Arecibo
Coordinates 18°26′37″N 66°35′49″W / 18.44351°N 66.596918°W / 18.44351; -66.596918Coordinates: 18°26′37″N 66°35′49″W / 18.44351°N 66.596918°W / 18.44351; -66.596918
Governing body Department of Natural Resources

Cambalache State Forest is a state forest reserve on the island of Puerto Rico.


Cambalache is located in the municipalities of Arecibo and Barceloneta. It protects steep limestone hills known as mogotes, which are covered in moist forests. The elevation ranges from 5 to 50 m (16 to 164 ft) above mean sea level. Average rainfall is 1,479.8 mm (58.26 in) per year, with the temperature varying from 23.3 to 27 °C (73.9 to 80.6 °F). Mogotes oriented northeast to southeast have humid northern and southwestern slopes but xeric tops.[1] It has an area of 1,050 cuerdas (about 1,019 acres).[2]


Common trees include Cecropia, Schefflera, and Tabebuia heterophylla. The endemic Puerto Rican Royal Palm (Roystonea borinquena) and Palma de Sierra (Gaussia attenuata) are also found in the forest. Zanthoxylum martinicense inhabits xeric areas.[3] The hillsides and valleys are home to distinct vegetation zones. The valleys have lost most of their original vegetation and instead feature scrubby secondary forests and planted teak groves.[1]

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