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The following Confederate Army units and commanders fought in the Camden Expedition of the American Civil War. Order of battle compiled from the army organization during the campaign.[1][2] The Union order of battle is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


  • k = killed
  • w = wounded

Confederate forces[edit]

Gen Edmund Kirby Smith, Commanding

District of Arkansas[edit]

MG Sterling Price[3]


  • 14th Missouri Battalion
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Fagan's Cavalry Division
     BG James Fleming Fagan

Cabell's Brigade

   BG William Lewis Cabell

Dockery's Brigade

   BG Thomas Pleasant Dockery

Crawford's Brigade

   Col William A. Crawford

Marmaduke's Cavalry Division
     BG John S. Marmaduke

Greene's Brigade

   Col Colton Greene

  • 3rd Missouri: Ltc L. A. Campbell
  • 4th Missouri: Ltc William J. Preston
  • 7th Missouri: Col Solomon G. Kitchen
  • 8th Missouri: Col William L. Jeffers
  • 10th Missouri: Col Robert R. Lawther
  • Harris' Missouri Battery: Cpt S. S. Harris
Shelby's Brigade

   BG Joseph O. Shelby

  • 1st Missouri Battalion: Maj Benjamin Elliott
  • 5th Missouri: Col B. Frank Gordon
  • 11th Missouri: Col M. W. Smith
  • 12th Missouri: Col David Shanks
  • Hunter's Regiment: Col De Witt C. Hunter
  • Collins' Missouri Battery: Cpt Richard A. Collins

Maxey's Cavalry Division [4]
     BG Samuel B. Maxey

Gano's Brigade

   Col Charles DeMorse

  • 29th Texas: Maj J. A. Carroll
  • 30th Texas: Ltc N. W. Battle
  • 31st Texas: Maj Michael Looscan
  • Welch's Company: Lt Frank M. Gano
  • Krumbhaar's Texas Battery: Cpt W. Butler Krumbhaar
Choctaw Brigade

   Col Tandy Walker

  • 1st Regiment: Ltc James Riley
  • 2nd Regiment: Col Simpson W. Folsom

Walkers's Division[5]
     MG John George Walker (w)

Waul's Brigade

   BG Thomas N. Waul

  • 8th Texas: -
  • 18th Texas: -
  • 22nd Texas: -
  • 13th Texas Cavalry (dismounted): -
Scurry's Brigade

   BG William Read Scurry (k)

  • 3rd Texas: -
  • 16th Texas: -
  • 17th Texas: -
  • 19th Texas: -
  • 16th Texas Cavalry (dismounted): -
Randal's Brigade

   Col Horace Randal (k)

  • 11th Texas: -
  • 14th Texas: -
  • 28th Texas Cavalry (dismounted): -
  • Gould's Battalion: -

Arkansas Division[6]
     BG Thomas James Churchill

Tappan's Brigade

   BG James Camp Tappan

Gause's Brigade

   Col Lucien C. Gause

Hawthorn's Brigade

BG Alexander T. Hawthorn[7]

Missouri Division[8]
     BG Mosby M. Parsons

1st Brigade

   BG John Bullock Clark, Jr.

  • 8th Missouri: Col Charles S. Mitchell
  • 9th Missouri: Col R. H. Musser
  • Ruffner's Missouri Battalion: Cpt Samuel T. Ruffner
2nd Brigade

   Col Simon P. Burns

  • 10th Missouri Infantry Regiment:[9] Col William M. Moore
  • 11th Missouri: Ltc Thomas H. Murray
  • 12th Missouri: Col Willis M. Ponder
  • 16th Missouri: Ltc P. W. H. Cumming
  • 9th Missouri Battalion Sharpshooters: Maj L. A. Pindall
  • Lesueur's Missouri Battery: Cpt A. A. Lesueur

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