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Canada Drives
FounderCody Green
Area served
Key people
  • Cody Green (Co-CEO)
  • Michael Galpin (Co-CEO)
  • Stephen Brown (CFO)
ServicesSecuring auto financing online
Number of employees

Canada Drives is a Canadian fintech company founded in 2010 and based in Vancouver.


Cody Green founded Canada Drives in 2010. Co-CEO Michael Galpin joined the company in 2011.[2] In 2014 Canada Drives moved to Vancouver.[3]

As of September 2016, Canada Drives remained self-financed.[2] The company's Vancouver office had 200 employees as of 2016.[3] 94% of them were from Generation Y, born during the 1980s and early 1990s.[4]

As of July 2017 the company employed 300 people.[1]


Canada Drives helps customers get car loans regardless of previous credit history by matching up dealers and consumers.[5]

The interface on the website prompts customers to answer a few questions about the car they want to buy, their recent employment and their payment histories. Customers are then referred to a dealership based on their credit profile.[2]

Car dealers must pass a screening to become certified dealer partners of Canada Drives. Currently, the company has around 300 such partners.[5]


In 2016, Canada Drives was number one on the PROFIT 500 list for 2016 and the title of Canada's Fastest-Growing Company for 2016.[2][6] It was 6th on Deloitte's list of Canada's 50 fastest-growing companies, with a revenue growth of 2703.6%.[7]


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