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The Canadian Association of Magicians is dedicated to the promotion and encouragement of magic and magicians in Canada and the world. It was founded on March 15, 1997 by Joan Caesar. The current President is Shawn Farquhar. It publishes 4 Northern Peeks magazines and several Northern Sleights e-zines for its members annually. Members of the organization nominate and vote for the Canadian Magician of the Year.


When the organization began on March 15, 1997, its goal was to provide a means for Canada to join the FISM so that Canadian magicians could compete under the Canadian banner at FISM's World Championship of Magic. CAM, as the Canadian representative of magic, was accepted as a FISM member in July 2000.


  • Joan Caesar 1997-2012
  • Shawn Farquhar 2012-2014
  • Scott Hood 2014 - resigned
  • Ron Keller 2015 -


CAM hosts CAMaraderie, a Canadian national magic convention. This convention includes the announcement of awards, results of stage and close-up competitions, plus magic lectures, workshops, and performances. The stage competition and some magic performances are available to the general public.

The first 5 conventions were scheduled to take place every second year, and the first 4 took place in the Kitchener-Waterloo area of Ontario. At the 2009 convention in Montreal, it was announced that the convention would take place on a yearly basis starting in 2010, alternating between locations in Canada. In 2013, a modified single-day convention styled "CAM Jam" took place in two different locations on different days: in Niagara Falls in April, and in Port Coquitlam (near Vancouver) in June.

The CAM convention frequently takes place shortly after an invitational conference held in New York state, Fechter's Finger-Flicking Frolic, as known as FFFF and 4-F (see Magic conventions).

Competitive Awards[edit]

Eric Leclerc was the first magician to win both the stage award and close-up award at this convention. Michael Dardant was the first magician to win both awards in the same year.

Stage Awards[edit]

Year Gold medal icon.svg First Silver medal icon.svg Second People's Choice Junior
2016 Dutel, NicolasNicolas Dutel
2012 Dardant, MichaelMichael Dardant
2011 Seaman, AlexAlex Seaman
2010 Croswell, NeilNeil Croswell
2009 Reymond, PatrickPatrick Reymond

Magicien Patrick Reymond

Croswell, NeilNeil Croswell Croswell, NeilNeil Croswell
2007 Trudel, MarcMarc Trudel Choinard, MarioMario Choinard Croswell, NeilNeil Croswell
2005 Alan, DannyDanny Alan Bairefoot, MichaelMichael Bairefoot Alan, DannyDanny Alan Rankin, NathanielNathaniel Rankin
2003 Leclerc, EricEric Leclerc Rose, DakotaDakota Rose Rose, DakotaDakota Rose
2001 Selinger, DerekDerek Selinger Joyce, RyanRyan Joyce

Close-up Awards[edit]

Year Gold medal icon.svg First Silver medal icon.svg Second People's Choice Junior
2016 Vines, JimJim Vines
2012 Dardant, MichaelMichael Dardant
2011 Tom, HenryHenry Tom
2010 Wallace, NickNick Wallace
2009 Rayle, Marc-AndreMarc-Andre Rayle Strange, ScottScott Strange Peterson, SpencerSpencer Peterson
2007 Leclerc, EricEric Leclerc Wallace, NicholasNicholas Wallace Murray, LukeLuke Murray
2005 Bairefoot, MichaelMichael Bairefoot / Drake, PatrickPatrick Drake (tie) Drake, PatrickPatrick Drake Proudfoot, BenBen Proudfoot
2003 Chow, RodRod Chow Kwong, KelvinKelvin Kwong Chow, RodRod Chow
2001 Crispo, DustinDustin Crispo Drake, PatrickPatrick Drake
Junior (Mike Gillis Most Promising Junior)[edit]
Year Gold medal icon.svg First Silver medal icon.svg Second
2007 Murray, LukeLuke Murray
2005 Proudfoot, BenBen Proudfoot
2003 Rose, DakotaDakota Rose Croswell, NeilNeil Croswell

Charlier (One Hand) Cut Competition[edit]

Year Winner
2012 Dagenais, SébastienSébastien Dagenais
2011 Daniel, ZachZach Daniel
2009 Tinney, TrentTrent Tinney
2007 Trudel, MarcMarc Trudel
2005 Bedard, EricEric Bedard
2003 no competition
2001 no competition

Non-competitive Awards[edit]

Canadian Magician of the Year[edit]

Awarded for the recipient's contribution to magic in Canada.

  • 2001 – Greg Frewin
  • 2003 – Shawn Farquhar
  • 2005 – Murray Hatfield & Teresa
  • 2007 – James Dimmare
  • 2009 – David Acer
  • 2010 – Shawn Farquhar
  • 2011 – Richard Forget
  • 2012 – Bill Abbott
  • 2013 – Mike Segal

Sid Lorraine Achievement[edit]

  • 2001 – no award
  • 2003 – Ray Bedard
  • 2005 – Mike Segal
  • 2007 – Jeff Pinsky
  • 2009 – Phil Matlin
  • 2010 – Sandy Hobson
  • 2011 – no award
  • 2012 – Nick Sacco

Lifetime Achievement[edit]

Awarded for the recipient's contribution to magic in Canada and around the world.

  • 2001 – Herb Morrissey
  • 2003 – R. J. "Obie" O'Brien
  • 2005 – Martin Nash
  • 2007 – Guy Camirand
  • 2009 – Joan Caesar
  • 2010 – Roman Szydlowski
  • 2011 – no award
  • 2012 – Micky Hades

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