Canadian white bread

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Canadian white bread
Canadian White.JPG
J.J. Nissen Canadian White Bread Loaf
Type Bread
Place of origin Canada
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Canadian white bread is a style of bread produced or sold by several companies—including Pepperidge Farm, Trader Joes, and J.J. Nissen—that has a heartier texture than the white bread typically found throughout the United States. J.J. Nissen also offers other Canadian-style breads. The term Canadian white bread is not used in Canada; as is the case with the term Canadian bacon, Canadian white is referred to as "white bread" in Canada and is called "Canadian white bread" only when it is exported.

Protein content[edit]

Because the Canadian Grain Commission requires relatively high amounts of protein in Canadian wheat, Canadian white flour usually has a protein content of 12-13%.[1][2] This contributes to the hearty consistency of Canadian bread.

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