Cantabria Bisons

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Cantabria Bisons
Cantabria Bisons helmet
Cantabria Bisons logo
Helmet Logo
Established 2011
Based in Santander,  Spain
Home ground Complejo Municipal de Deportes de La Albericia
Team colors
Head coach Diego Quintanilla
Team President Felipe Suárez Lecocq
League LNFA
Division North (Serie C)

Cantabria Bisons is an American football team based in Santander, Spain.

The Bisons compete in LNFA Serie B, the second-tier division of American football in Spain.

Season to season[edit]

Season Tier Division Conference Record Cup
2013 2 LNFA North 0–0–8 Did not enter
2014 2 Serie B North 0–0–8 Did not enter
2015 3 Serie C North 5–5 Did not enter

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