Canto (Soler album)

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Canto (Soler album).jpg
Studio album by Soler
Released 9 April 2009 (digital)
10 April 2009 (physical)
Recorded 2008-2009
Genre Chinese indie rock, funk rock
Label BMA Records
Soler chronology

Canto is the fifth studio album (sixth album overall including the live album Unplugged at Kafka) by C-rock band Soler. It performed successfully on the Hong Kong charts. The title of the album is a play on words, referring to canto, Italian for "I sing", and referring to Canto, a popular slang for Cantonese language, as the album is sung entirely in Cantonese. The album deviated from the heavy rock elements of their previous album X2, by employing a new funk and indie elements driven by acoustic guitar.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Dim Gaai" (Traditional Chinese: 點解; Jyutping: dim2 gaai2; English translation: how come?)
  2. 毒后 Du Hou (黃偉文填詞,接力派台作品)
  3. 長鼻子情聖 Chang Bi Zi Qing Sheng
  4. 風的季節 Feng De Ji Jie (翻唱徐小鳳金曲 風格別樹一幟)
  5. 鎮定 Zhen Ding
  6. 神舟99號 Shen Zhou 99 Hao
  7. 細味 Xi Wei
  8. 去到最遠轉右 Qu Dao Zui Yuan Zhuan You
  9. "Lonely Night"
  10. "Din Ce Zam" (Traditional Chinese: 電車站; Jyutping: din ce zam; English translation: train station)
  11. 佢 Qu (Live) (向家駒致敬)