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Paul Wong
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Background information
Chinese name黃貫中 (traditional)
Chinese name黄贯中 (simplified)
PinyinHuáng Guànzhōng (Mandarin)
JyutpingWong4 Gun3zung1 (Cantonese)
BornWong Koon-chung
(1964-03-31) 31 March 1964 (age 54)
British Hong Kong
EducationHong Kong Polytechnic University[1][2]
  • Musician
  • singer-songwriter
  • record producer
  • actor
Years active1985–present
  • Vocals
  • guitar
Associated acts
  • Beyond
  • Hann
  • High-Speed Die Cutting Machine
  • Soler
  • The Postman
Athena Chu (m. 2012)
Children1 daughter (Debbie Wong; born 23 October 2012)
AncestryTaishan, Guangdong

Paul Wong Koon-chung 黃貫中 (born 31 March 1964), known professionally as Paul Wong, is a Hong Kong musician, singer, songwriter and record producer. He is best known as the lead guitarist of the rock band Beyond, he was also served as occasional songwriter and lead vocalist (most known in the hit song Earth 大地). In 1999 Wong launched his solo career, collaborating with artists as a record producer as well as a session musician (guitar or vocals).

Life and career[edit]

1985–99: Beyond[edit]

During childhood, Wong developed an interest in drawing and aspired to be a painter. After graduation from Lee Kau Yan Memorial Secondary School (李求恩紀念中學), he studied Bachelor of Design in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. One day, he made friends with Beyond drummer Yip Sai Wing, then Yip introduced him to other members of the band. Initially Wong contributed design projects to Beyond, but he became the band's lead guitarist later on.[3][4] Due to the reason that he worked as a designer in an advertising company, he often provided artworks such as the front cover of cassette Goodbye Ideal (再見理想) (1986), the clothing design of Beyond LIVE (生命接觸演唱會) (1991).

As for singing, Wong contributed lead vocals since 1988, when Beyond recorded and released two albums Modern Stage (現代舞台) and Secret Police (秘密警察). Since then, they had become widely known for their number "The Grand Land (大地)", in which he was the lead vocalist. In 30 June 1993, Beyond lead vocalist Wong Ka Kui died as a result of an accident, afterward Paul Wong and the band's bassist Wong Ka Keung had been responsible as the lead vocalists, continuing publishing a number of musical pieces under the band's name.

1999–present: Solo career[edit]

In late 1999, Beyond announced that they launched their solo career. Wong formed a band named Hann (汗), consisting of Jun Kung, Mak Man Wai (麥文威) and Dino Acconci. Thereafter he established a new studio Polar Bear Studio, where all of his albums were recorded and produced. Afterward he signed a contract with Universal, releasing several solo albums and winning the Gold Award, the Best Singer/Songwriter (叱咤樂壇唱作人金獎) in Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation (叱咤樂壇流行榜頒獎典禮) twice within two years. As a result, he rose prominence as a singer/songwriter.

Wong had desire for joining musicals. In 2000, he participated in musical "The Dream Broken in Victoria Harbour (夢斷維港)" by Theatre Space (劇場空間) as the male protagonist.[5] It was adapted from a renowned broadway musical musical West Side Story, which was localized and whose background was utilized. For the performance, Hong Kong conductor Henry Shek (石信之) led the Hong Kong New Phihamonic Symphonic Orchestra (香港新愛樂交響樂團), at the seashore of Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

In November 2002, Wong planned to hold his debut concert in Hong Kong Coliseum. After completing being under the contract to Universal, he became a indie musician. Consequently he issued an album called Existence (我在存在).

In 2005, Wong was served as the music supervisor for musical Akapi Shooting Incident (亞卡比槍擊事件) by CRHK Sammy and Kitty (森美小儀) as well as contributing a couple of songs to the performance.


Solo albums and EPs[edit]

Release date Title Type Language Release manufacturer
10 January 2001 Yellow Paul Wong Studio album Cantonese Universal[6]
13 December 2001 Black, White
(Part 1; originally a double album)
Studio album Cantonese Universal


18 April 2002 Common Root
(Part 2; originally a double album)
E.P. Cantonese Universal


23 November 2002 Play It Loud Studio album Cantonese Universal


28 July 2004 Existence Studio album Cantonese Pathe Records


22 August 2005 903 id Club Sammy and Kitty Musical – Akapi Shooting Incident Musical Cantonese Warner


20 November 2006 Madman's Work E.P. Cantonese Universal


24 July 2007 Existence
(The same name as the 2004 album's)
Studio album Mandarin WOW Music


23 June 2008 Let's Fight Live
(multi-bands festival; compilation/live & 1 new studio song)
Concert Cantonese WOW Music


4 November 2011 Concerto in A minor Studio album Cantonese WOW Music


23 January 2013 Paul Wong Collection Studio album Cantonese WOW Music


Songs for artists[edit]

Year Single Artist Posts
1997 "Make Oneself Distressed" (自尋煩惱) Andy Hui Music, lyrics, arrangement, supervision
1998 "Just Say Gooy-Bye" Karen Mok Music
1999 "Nuts" (神經病) Jordan Chan Music
1999 "Don't Let Me Drink Too Much" (別讓我喝太多) Andy Hui Music
1999 "I Can't" Andy Hui Music
1999 "On My God" (我的天) Karen Mok Music, arrangement, supervision
1999 "Awesome" (了不起) Lawrence Chou Music, lyrics
2000 "A Black Tie" (黑色領帶) Daniel Chan Music, arrangement
2000 "Drive" Kang Jingchun (康淨淳) Music
2000 "Everyone Is Mad" (所有人是傻) Nicholas Tse Music, arrangement, supervision
2001 "Good Dog" (好狗) Jan Lamb Music, arrangement, supervision
2002 "Elegance Wins over the Heaven" (美麗勝天國) Wong He Music
2002 "Rainy Days" Athena Chu Music, supervision
2002 "Jump Up" (跳起來) Athena Chu Music, arrangement, supervision
2002 "New Colourful World" (彩色新天地) Johnny Tseng (曾國銘) Music
2002 "We Can Change" Wong Ka Ming (王嘉明) Music, arrangement
2003 "Schisms" (隔夜仇) Hacken Lee Music, supervision
2003 "Understand, Aren't You" (明白了吧) Hacken Lee Music, supervision
2004 "How Much You Love" (可以幾愛) Ella Koon Music, supervision
2004 "Awesome (了不起)" Andy Hui Music
2004 "Marlon Brando" (馬龍白蘭度) Andy Lau Music, arrangement, supervision
2004 "Your Majesty" (萬歲) Jordan Chan Music
2004 "Saturday Night" Andy Hui Music, supervision
2004 "Don't Provoke Me" (不要惹我) Athena Chu Music, supervision
2004 "Ah-oh" Athena Chu Music, supervision
2004 "Spell" (法術) Athena Chu Music, supervision
2004 "I Win" (我贏了) Athena Chu Music, supervision
2004 "A Distressed Queen" (落難皇后) Gigi Leung Music, arrangement, supervision
2005 "Where Are You" (你在哪裡) Fiona Sit Supervision
2006 "Good Brothers" (好兄弟) Softhard Music, arrangement, supervision
2008 "A Representative Wife" (標準太太) Josie Ho Music, arrangement, supervision
2008 "A Poisoned Scorpion" (中毒蠍子) Josie Ho Music, arrangement
2008 "Not a Doll" (不是娃娃) Elanne Kwong Music, supervision
2008 "Starting Off" (出發) Liu Xuan Music, lyrics, arrangement, supervision
2008 "An Inflatable Doll" (充氣娃娃) Shino Lin Music
2008 "Go Go Dragon" (GO GO 飛龍) Jan Lamb Music, supervision
2009 "Without Plastic" (不加塑) Keeva Mak (麥家瑜) Music, arrangement
2009 "Hong Kong Hong Kong" (香港香港) Alan Tam Music, arrangement, supervision
2009 "Last Time the Last Time" (上次無下次) Alan Tam Music, arrangement, supervision
2009 "Poors" (窮鬼) Jan Lamb Music, arrangement, supervision
2009 "Never Said Goodbye" Juno Mak Arrangement, guitar
2011 "Youth Ignorance" (年少無知) Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong (黃德斌) Music, supervision
2015 "A Virtuous Robber" (盜亦有道) Alex Chia (謝中傑) Music, arrangement, supervision



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