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Capitoline Wolf in Segovia, Spain
Capitoline Wolf in Lidingö, Sweden

The Capitoline Wolf suckling the twins Romulus and Remus is a symbol of Rome. The statue was favoured by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, who donated copies of the statues to various places around the world.[1]

Below is a list of Capitoline Wolf statues in different places of the world:




  • La Paz - on the Plaza Roma, Obrajes.


  • Brasília - in front of the "Palácio do Buriti", the seat of the government of the Federal District, donated by the mayor of Rome at the time of the foundation of Brasília



  • Talca - in Plaza Italia (on the crossing of Calle 11 Oriente and Calle 2 Sur)
  • Valparaiso - in Parque Italia




  • Szarvas - in front of the Bolza castle.


  • Rome - the original statue is in the Capitoline Museums and a copy on a pillar at the northern corner of Palazzo senatorio
  • Pisa - on the Piazza dei Miracoli
  • Siena - several sites in the city, including the Duomo
  • Aquileia - in the Piazza Capitolio, next to the basilica
  • Piacenza - at the beginning of via Emilia
  • Reggio Emilia - in the Piazza del Popolo
  • Massa Lombarda - inserted into a monument to the fallen of all wars at the entrance of the town cemetery
  • Verona - inserted into a monument to the fallen of all wars in the old town walls


Capitoline she-wolf in Hibiya Park, Tokyo
Capitoline she-wolf at Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo.


Capitoline Wolf in Benghazi, Libya, 1941.
  • Benghazi - Benghazi Corniche Columns, or Romulus Benghazi.


New Zealand[edit]



Romanian Capitoline Wolf statues (Lupoaica):

Capitoline Wolf in Brad, Romania


Capitoline Wolf statue in Mérida, Spain.



  • Fribourg - In front of the Miséricorde Building of the University of Fribourg


United Kingdom[edit]

  • Wells, Somerset - beside the A39 a little north of the city. Sculpted by an Italian prisoner-of-war in World War II.

United States[edit]

Central Italian, possibly Roman. From the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. 15th or 16th Century.


  • Punta del Este - on the crossing of Avenida Italia and Av. Petragosa Sierra


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