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For the American television and film actress, see Carole Ita White. For the British actress, see Carol White.

Carole White is a former model, and co-founder of Premier Model Management.

Early life[edit]

White was born in Deal, Kent in 1950 but raised in Ghana. At the age of five she was sent to a boarding-school in England, then later to a convent in Belgium, an experience she described as repressive but one that helped shape her future career and fuel her interest in modelling. She became a model at the renowned Lucy Clayton Modelling Academy,[1] but quickly decided that this career was not for her.[2] Instead she became a booker and in 1970 joined London model agency Bobton’s, where she stayed for 7 years looking after the early modeling careers of Jo Wood, Andrea Dellal and the Bond girl Tania Mallet.

Premier Model Management[edit]

In 1981, together with her brother Chris Owen, she founded Premier Model Management.[3] Initially representing 40 girls, they ran the agency from their kitchen table.[4]

White is a voice of authority and experience in the fashion industry and is a campaigner against racial discrimination in fashion.[5]

In autumn 2010 Premier Model Management allowed television cameras into their offices for the filming of Channel 4's The Model Agency. The seven part documentary followed White and her co-workers for two months revealing what life is really like behind the scenes. It aired in the UK in February 2011.[6]

Charles Taylor trial[edit]

In 2010, White testified at the trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor, alleging that her former client Naomi Campbell had accepted blood diamonds from him.[7]


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