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The cover of the first DVD compilation for season eight of Detective Conan released by Shogakukan

The eighth season of the Case Closed anime was directed by Kenji Kodama and Yasuichiro Yamamoto and produced by TMS Entertainment and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation.[1] The series is based on Gosho Aoyama's Case Closed manga series. In Japan, the series is titled Detective Conan (名探偵コナン, Meitantei Conan) but was changed due to legal issues with the title Detective Conan.[2] The episodes' plot follows Conan Edogawa's daily adventures.

The episodes use five pieces of theme music: two opening themes and three closing themes. The first opening theme is "Mysterious Eyes" by Garnet Crow until episode 204.[3] The second opening theme is Koi wa Suriru, Shokku, Sasupensu (恋はスリル,ショック,サスペンス, lit. "Love is Thrill, Shock, Suspense") by Rina Aiuchi.[3] The first ending theme is "Secret of My Heart" by Mai Kuraki until episode 204.[3] The second ending theme is Natsu no Maboroshi (夏の幻, lit. "Summer's Illusion") by Garnet Crow. The third ending theme is "Start in My Life" by Mai Kuraki and begins on episode 219.[4]

The season initially ran from June 12, 2000 through January 8, 2001 on Nippon Television Network System in Japan.[3][4] Episodes 194 to 219 were later collected into nine DVD compilations by Shogakukan. They were released between March 25, 2002 and September 25, 2002 in Japan.[5]

Episode list[edit]

Ep no. Title Original Airdate
194 "The Significant Music Box (Part 1)"
"Imishin na Orugooru (Zenpen)" (意味深なオルゴール(前編)) 
June 12, 2000
A girl named Yuuki Haruna asks Kogoro Mouri to search for a man named Shuugo whom she texts with on her pager. She explains that her Shuugo sent her a musical box to help pay for her tuition but she could not bring herself to sell something valuable and wants to return it. Conan notices the music box plays the song "Haru Yo Koi" (春よ、来い, lit. "Come Dear Spring") and missed three notes "La, Do, La". After tracing the number on the pager, they visit the Ogata family who reveals that Shuugo was an elderly man who had recently died. The Ogata family reveal that Shuugo hid stamps worth a fortune somewhere and the house and they suspect Haruna is there to take it from them. They allow Kogoro, Ran Mouri , Conan, and Haruna to spend the night at their household. During the night, Ran and Haruna witness a shadow of an elderly man fly by, a Koto falls on top of one of the Ogata family members and injures him, and Haruna receives a threatening message on her pager. Conan concludes that one of the Ogata family members wants to scare Haruna away. 
195 "The Significant Music Box (Part 2)"
"Imishin na Orugooru (Kōhen)" (意味深なオルゴール(後編)) 
June 19, 2000
Conan investigates and realizes how the pranks were done and who is attempting to scare Haruna away. After tranquilizing Kogoro , Conan reveals that the shadow was created with the use of black paper tapped to a window. When a moving car light flashes through the window, it creates the shadow of a flying figure. As for the Koto, Conan explains that the Koto was suspended through a very long string which was released by the culprit; As evidence, Conan reveals that a hairpin was found at the door where the string was and the one who opened the door was Kazuko Ogata. Kazuko confesses and explains that she did not want Haruna to have the stamps since her family is currently in need of the money. Conan reveals that the missing music notes reveal the location of the stamps. Conan explains that the missing notes in Solfège are La, Do, La, but in Iroha its I-Ha-I which is referring to Spirit tablet (位牌, Ihai). A few days after the case, Shirou Ogata reveals that he is in a relationship with Haruna and thanks Kogoro for solving the case. 
196 "The Invisible Weapon, Rachel's First Investigation"
"Mienai Kyouki Ran no Hatsu-suiri" (見えない凶器 蘭の初推理) 
June 26, 2000
Ran and Sonoko befriend a couple at a restaurant, but Ran finds the man's act suspicious. The next day Ran takes Conan and Sonoko to their house, Ran learns that the man's wife has an extremely expensive insurance and that he may be trying to wear her body out to kill her. After inspecting the newly built house for Sick building syndrome, Conan finds out that her husband did something to the car. They later catch him spraying poison into the ventilation system of the car. He reveals that his company pressured him along with his want for a car. 
197 "The Super Car's Trap (Part 1)"
"Suupaa Kaa no Wana (Zenpen)" (スーパーカーの罠(前編)) 
July 3, 2000
Kogoro wins the city lottery for first place and the reward was an all-expense paid vacation in a hotel and Conan and Ran tag along. In the hotel, a car exhibition is about to do its grand opening. When they a get to their room, Conan overhears a man on the phone talking about a "plan for the evening." The owner hires Kogoro to solve the mystery of who sent him a threatening letter. Later it was revealed that three guests in the hotel was scammed by the owner for their companies and their historic sports cars. Later in the evening, when the owner go outs for a drive he is not found until about 10:00am during the next day, which also happens to be the day of the grand opening of the historic sports cars. He was found dead in the car and the cause of death of inhaling carbon monoxide intoxication. Later, Conan discovers that the man he overheard was the man who was scammed out of his car and claims that he went out for a drive while the owner did the same. However, one hour before he was found, Moore had phoned him and he was saying, "Where am I? Why is it so dark?" and Conan notices that the car window next the victim was slightly open. 
198 "The Super Car's Trap (Part 2)"
"Suupaa Kaa no Wana (Kōhen)" (スーパーカーの罠(後編)) 
July 10, 2000
After investigating, Conan reveals that a cover was used to direct the fume into the car. He reveals who the culprit is. The culprit reveals that the victim scammed him out of his car, which he sent his company almost to bankruptcy to own. 
199 "Kogoro Mouri, Suspect (Part 1)"
"Yougisha - Mōri Kogoro (Zenpen)" (容疑者·毛利小五郎(前編)) 
July 17, 2000
Eri Kirisaki meets up with another two lawyers, one male, and the other female. Both attended school with her in the past. Detective Mouri later gets drunk and falls asleep in the bedroom of the female lawyer's room. When they return to the room, she's dead, and the door is locked from the inside, making Detective Mouri the prime suspect. 
200 "Kogoro Mouri, Suspect (Part 2)"
"Yougisha - Mōri Kogoro (Kōhen)" (容疑者·毛利小五郎(後編)) 
July 24, 2000
Eri pretends Kogoro is the criminal only to fool who she believes to be the real culprit. She and Conan search for clue's to clear his name, and find a way to trick the true culprit into revealing that he's the criminal. Afterwards, Kogoro tries to ask Eri to return home with him, since it has been a year after their divorce. Eri pretends not to hear and later at home, listens again to the recording of Mouri's plead for her return. 
201 "The Tenth Passenger (Part 1)"
"Juuninme no Joukyaku (Zenpen)" (10人目の乗客(前編)) 
July 31, 2000
An accident many years ago which took place on a bus plays a big part in the present. When a man is killed on the bus, Conan learns of an event in the past involving the same exact passengers. 
202 "The Tenth Passenger (Part 2)"
"Juuninme no Joukyaku (Kōhen)" (10人目の乗客(後編)) 
August 7, 2000
The daughter of the murdered man from many years ago plans to take revenge on all the passengers present during that time. The bus is on a crash-course, and Conan intervenes to confront her about what she's doing. Is there anyway to stop the bus from crashing? 
203 "The Black Wing of Icarus (Part 1)"
"Kuroi Ikarosu no Tsubasa (Zenpen)" (黒いイカロスの翼(前編)) 
August 14, 2000
Mouri, Ran, and Conan are staying at a hotel where they meet the twins from the case of the cursed mask. Later, an actress comes and causes trouble. The next day, she is found hanged in her room. 
204 "The Black Wing of Icarus (Part 2)"
"Kuroi Ikarosu no Tsubasa (Kōhen)" (黒いイカロスの翼(後編)) 
August 21, 2000
Conan notices that this is not a suicide but a murder. He later proves that the culprit hang-glided to the hotel and went back by stowing in the trunk of a car. The culprit reveals that the actress caused his brother to spend much money and indirectly caused his death. He reveals he tried to ask the actress to say a few words on his brother's grave but she refused and he decided to kill her. 
205 "Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 3 (Part 1)"
"Honchou no Keiji Koi Monogatari 3 (Zenpen)" (本庁の刑事恋物語3(前編)) 
August 28, 2000
A serial arsonist sets huge fires across the city and Takagi and Miwako with the Junior Detective League are out to solve it. It turns out this is also the day the case of Miwako's father's death will be annulled, and the bank robber will be able to keep the money he stole from the bank. Miwako sets out to solve both cases before the day ends, but Takagi has been attacked by the arsonist. 
206 "Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 3 (Part 2)"
"Honchou no Keiji Koi Monogatari 3 (Kōhen)" (本庁の刑事恋物語3(後編)) 
September 4, 2000
After Ai reveals the pattern of the arsonist attack, Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko run into the arsonist who attempts to kill them. Takagi is revealed to be inside the warehouse the arsonist set fire to. He can't break the handcuffs due to them being a memento from Miwako's dead father. Conan manages to arrive in time and stop the arsonist, but does not realize Takagi is in the burning warehouse. Meanwhile, the clock strikes midnight and the suspected bank robber explains everything to Miwako, saying how his father saved his life. Miwako reveals that due to the typhoon in Italy, the annul date was moved forward by one day. Takagi seemingly dies but appears with his handcuffs attached to the window bars. He collapses in Miwako's arms. 
207 "The Deduction That Was Too Good"
"Migoto-sugita Meisuiri" (見事すぎた名推理) 
September 11, 2000
Kogoro is carried by Ran and accompanied by Conan one night picking him up from a bar. While walking they witness a fight in an apartment. The next day a murder occurs. One of the man who's heard arguing comes to Moore for help to prove his innocence. The man has made good suggestions on where to find evidence which are in fact too good. Conan finds out the man is lying and is trying to trick Kogoro into proving his false allibi. 
208 "The Entrance to the Maze: The Anger of Colossus1 hr."
"Meikyuu he no Iriguchi Kyodai Jinzou no Ikari" (迷宮への入り口 巨大神像の怒り) 
October 9, 2000
Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are invited for a ceremony for a ropeway which is built through a giant Goddess Statue on the mountains by Doumouto Guze. They learn that there is a rumour about a curse by the goddess' anger and Kogoro was invited to disprove it. After riding through the ropeway on the opening day, Doumouto, who has disappeared from the ropeway cart, is later found dead on the goddess' hand. Conan realizes the trick for this impossible crime after checking the incinerator of the house near the statue. Conan reveals that their hostess was the murderer, who used Doumouto's trick against the news reporters against him. After completing his disappearing trick, he would've disproved of the curse by ruining the newspaper's reputation, but was stabbed. The culprit reveals that Doumouto divorced her mother and left her in debt. Her brother died because he forced his workers to complete the ropeway in a short amount of time. 
209 "The Falling from Mt. Ryushin Case"
"Ryuushin-san Tenraku Jiken" (龍神山転落事件) 
October 16, 2000
The Junior Detective League excluding Ai, are traveling through a winding path on Mt Ryushin. There they witness a derailed car fall off the mountain. The man has died and through the evidence, Conan concludes another car rammed into that car. Conan decides to leave it to the police as they are trained for basic cases. Mitch finds a code from the car wreckage which he assumes has nothing to do with the incident because he presumed it was a normal accident. He hides it from Conan since he wants to solve it himself. Later at the cabin, he solves the code and takes Amy and George with him. There where he thinks is treasure, is culprit who caused the accident's hide-out. Conan and the Professor return to the cabin to find the kids missing. Conan solves the code quickly and arrives with the cops in time before the kids were murdered. Mitsuhiko, while chopping wood with Ayumi and George as punishment, complains how Conan solved the code so easily, while he only figured it out because it was in the book he was reading. 
210 "The Water Palace of 5 Colors (Part 1)"
"Gozai Densetsu no Mizu-gotten (Zenpen)" (五彩伝説の水御殿(前編)) 
October 23, 2000
Kogoro, Ran, and Conan came as the substitutes for Serena and her father, the Suzuki president, and decided to attend a tea meeting at the Aonogi house. At the backyard of the mansion, there was a pond that shined in five colors. And there was a bridge which led to the tea room. While they were enjoying the pond’s colors something unusual happened… The headmaster died in the tea room, the same way as the legend. 
211 "The Water Palace of 5 Colors (Part 2)"
"Gozai Densetsu no Mizu-gotten (Kōhen)" (五彩伝説の水御殿(後編)) 
October 30, 2000
Conan searches for clues to who murdered the Headmaster busily and finally figures out the trick that was used:the killer swam underneath the bridge and stabs the victim and ties him in a complicated fisherman's knot that when the waterwheel turns, the body would be lifted up to the ceiling of the beam that would make it look like a suicide. The suspect's reason for killing the Headmaster is to stop him from officially announcing his son, Roichi, from becoming the next Headmaster, which he claims the Headmaster betrayed him since they were selling counterfeit expensive ceramics for the past ten years. 
212 "Mushrooms, Bears, and the Detective Boys (Part 1)"
"Kinoko to Kuma to Tantei-dan (Zenpen)" (きのこと熊と探偵団(前編)) 
November 6, 2000
The Junior Detective League decided to go mushroom picking in the mountains. And during it, Genta got lost in the hunting area. They split into two groups to search for Genta. And Ai and Mitsuhiko… discovered a dead body, and have become targets for the dangerous hunter. They found Genta, and three hunters decided to help them look for Ai and Mitsuhiko. 
213 "Mushrooms, Bears, and the Junior Detective League (Part 2)"
"Kinoko to Kuma to Tantei-dan (Kōhen)" (きのこと熊と探偵団(後編)) 
November 13, 2000
Ai deduces that if they reveal themselves, the hunter trying to get rid of them will shoot them and say that he thought they were bears. So Ai and Mitsuhiko leave a clue for Conan in the form of different types of mushrooms that tells him who the killer is. Conan finds out that the killer is an old man who murdered a hunter in order to save a bear he calls Jubei, because the bear once saved his life. 
214 "The Mysterious Retro Room Case"
"Retoro Ruumu no Nazo Jiken" (レトロルームの謎事件) 
November 20, 2000
Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are attending a dolphin show when a murder occurs in the hotel. The hotel room where the murder occurred was specially designed to be retro one. The clue to the murder is an automatic television that when inserted with a coin, will play for an hour. Conan reveals how the culprit used that to fake their alibi. 
215 "The Bay of Revenge (Part 1)"
"Bei Obu Ribenji (Zenpen)" (ベイ·オブ·リベンジ (前編)) 
November 27, 2000
While Kogoro, Ran, and Conan were driving near the ocean, their car broke down. They stayed at lawyer Tachibana’s villa for one night. However, the next day… Right in front of their eyes… Mr. Tachibana’s boat capsized and he died. They found out that Mr. Tachibana was killed by someone with the initials T.K., who had been sending threats to him. Five years ago, Mr. Tachibana acquitted him of a crime. They thought he was Tatsuya Kumada, so they rushed into his apartment. But what they saw was… Kumada, the suspect… Suicide!? 
216 "The Bay of Revenge (Part 2)"
"Bei Obu Ribenji (Kōhen)" (ベイ·オブ·リベンジ (後編)) 
December 4, 2000
Conan investigates Kumada's suicide and finds several suspicious points that make him conclude it was a murder. He also finds out that a boat and anchor were stolen right before Tachibana's boat capsized and he drowned. Conan shoots Kogoro with a sleeping dart and deduces that the killer was the caretaker lady, whose son was murdered by Kamada and covered up by Tachibana. 
217 "Megure's Locked Away Secret (Part 1)"
"Fuuin-sareta Megure no Himitsu (Zenpen)" (封印された目暮の秘密(前編)) 
December 11, 2000
While accompanying Serena on her shopping spree, Kogoro, Ran, and Conan went to a department store. But then, Moore got involved in Inspector Megure’s sting operation. The Inspector was investigating a series of cases involving bludgeoned women. Meanwhile, in the department store’s underground parking garage, Ran discovered a woman’s body. 
218 "Megure's Locked Away Secret (Part 2)"
"Fuuin-sareta Megure no Himitsu (Kōhen)" (封印された目暮の秘密(後編)) 
December 18, 2000
In the mall, Megure catches the culprit before he could hurt Sonoko. He reveals a case in the past which is why he was so anxious. In the past a man was attacking girls with long skirts and a girl proposed to be bait but was badly injured along with Megure, leaving scars on both of them. The girl is revealed to be Megure's wife in the future. 
219 "Gathered Great Detectives! Jimmy Kudo vs. Phantom Thief Kid2 hrs."
"Atsumerareta Meitantei! Kudō Shinichi VS Kaitō Kiddo" (集められた名探偵!工藤新一VS怪盗キッド) 
January 8, 2001
The Phantom Thief Kid stands on top of a building with his butler. He discusses the time he was almost caught by a famous Detective in the East, Shinichi Kudo. He plans to "steal" the clock tower. Although, he leaves it standing with a code upon its hands, saying "I will not give this clock to anyone". After the reminisce, Kid plans to steal the priceless gem of the Suzuki Corporation : the Black Star. Afterwards, Kogoro has been invited to a detective meeting by an unknown assailant who sends him money. There are six detectives there excluding Conan. They are in a house where a massacre happened forty years ago. One of the detectives are killed and they are stranded in the mansion as the bridge has been cut and the cars have been burned. One by one, the detectives seem to be dying and Rachel and a maid are attacked. Secretly, Detective Senma, an elderly lady, has been watching through the surveillance cameras and Conan sends her a message claiming to be the seventh detective. She arrives at the place Conan asked to meet her at and he reveals the truth about both this and the case from forty years ago. Afterwards, he reveals that the entire mansion is made of gold, as it was named Sunset Mansion. Later, as they leave via helicopter, Detective Senma jumps down from the helicopter and Kogoro jumps down on her, revealing his identity as the Phantom Thief Kid. 


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