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This article is about the DIY hardcore record label. For the jazz record label, see Catalyst Records (jazz).

Catalyst Records is a DIY hardcore record label from Indianapolis, Indiana, founded in the early 1990s.[1] The label is noted for being a straight edge record label, for promoting vegan ethics, as well as other political stances (anarchism, anti-capitalism, feminism, etc.).


Cat. Num. Band Release Year Format
CR01 Advance Who Dares to Dream 1992 7" EP
CR03 Abnegation Sown in the Remains 7" EP
CR04 Birthright Birthright 7" EP
CR05 Culture Deforestation 1996 7" EP
CR06 Day of Suffering The Eternal Jihad CD
CR07 Extinction Enemy of the People 7" EP
CR08 Birthright Ascension MCD
CR09 Extinction Hypocrisy Breeds Traitors CD
CR10 Purification Vessle of Wrath 7" EP
CR11 Contempt One Justice CD
CR12 Horizon Where the Blind Lead the Blind CD
CR13 Point of No Return What Was Done 1999 7" EP
CR14 Point of No Return Sparks CD
CR15 Various Artists The Path of Compassion CD
CR16 Absence I'll Cast the First Stone MCD
CR17 Maroon Antagonist CD
CR18 Risen Left With the Ashes MCD
CR19 Cast from Eden The Deafened Art of Bleeding... CD
CR20 Point of No Return Imposed Freedom CD
CR21 Risen/Breaking Away Orwell Was an Optimist 7" EP
CR22 To Kill Watching You Fall CD
CR23 Gather Beyond the Ruins 2006/2007 CD/LP
CR24 Various Artists Open the Cages: SHAC 7 Benefit 2007 CD
CR25 Birthright These Words Run My Veins CD
CR26 Anchor The Quiet Dance CD
CR27 Day of Suffering The Eternal Jihad LP Reissue
CR028 Abandon The Death of Urgency CD
CR029 Contend In Contempt 2010 7" EP
CR030 Wolf Down s/t 2012 7" EP
CR031 Deathbed Reduced to Nothing 2012 7" EP
CR043 Wait in Vain Forget Me Not 2007 7" EP


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