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I have proposed a new WikiProject on Beanie Babies. The purpose of the project is to write or include existing articles about various beanie babies and their impact on society.

Writing a single article for each beanie baby is not possible and not practical. There have been more than 1500 different beanie babies made by Ty to date. Rather, the purpose of this project is to include articles about the most noteable ones of all, those that impacted society during the heat of the fad. These may include:

  • The most valuable ones, such as Peking, Chilly, or Humphrey
  • Those that had rare versions that were considered valuable, like Peanut or Quackers
  • Those that were highly sought after, like Lefty, Righty, or Garcia
  • Those that benefitted a charity, like Princess or Ariel.

There could be other articles on groups of beanie babies. Some examples are:

  • Clubby (Beanie Babies)
  • The Original Nine
  • Canadian Exclusives
  • Teenie Beanies
  • Lists of beanies in a category, i.e. List of Beanie Baby Dogs, List of Beanie Baby Sports Bears

Entry of name (Beanie Baby) for anything in that group would redirect to the group's page.

There could alsio be articles on:

Whoever creates or edits these articles should strive to provide photos whenever possible. Some photos are rare beanies may be hard to obtain. Xyz7890 23:02, 9 July 2007 (UTC)