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I'm going to have to say this category is overkill. Airports aren't really though of as a building.... The Universities, and the Bank of North Dakota are really more institutions than particular structures.

I won't be so brash as to put this on VfD, but about the only things that should be in here are things of particular note reducible to a single building or structure... The TV towers, maybe.... If someone writes an article on the North Dakota Capitol, that could be included as well.

I'm iffy on the Fargodome, Engelstad, Civic Center... I'm fairly sure there's specific geographic categories on such venues. --Alexwcovington(talk) 3 July 2005 07:04 (UTC)

  • I only created the category because so many other states have similar ones. I wasn't really sure what should and shouldn't be included in it. We can take out the categories (airports, libraries, etc.), but aren't the individual articles in here "buildings or structures in North Dakota"? Let me know what you think. --MatthewUND July 3, 2005 08:10 (UTC)
  • I now see that most state's version of this category really only contains notable buildings or structures. I have removed articles about buildings that aren't really notable. I also added an intro sentence to the category that mentions that the articles are about notable buildings or structures. Now, I just have included articles about buildings or structures that I would consider either nationally notable or at least well known. I would consider REA a pretty notable structure. Like you said, an article about the capitol could also go in here. Actually, when I look at other states, I see that "Category: Buildings and structures in {STATE}" and "Category:{STATE} landmarks" are two very similar categories in most cases. A little confusing. --MatthewUND July 3, 2005 19:18 (UTC)