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CCD can stand for:


  • Carbonate compensation depth, a property of oceans
  • Colony collapse disorder, a phenomenon involving the abrupt disappearance of honey bees in a beehive or Western honey bee colony
  • centicandela (ccd), an SI unit of luminous intensity denoting one hundredth of a candela.
  • Central composite design, an experimental design in response surface methodology for building a second order model for a response variable without a complete three-level factorial


  • Charge-coupled device, an electronic light sensor used in various devices including digital cameras
  • .ccd, the filename extension for CloneCD's CD image file
  • See closed captioning for closed-caption display, a technology for displaying text information embedded in video signals
  • Air-independent propulsion a.k.a. closed-cycle diesel engines, propulsion used on diesel submarines
  • Computacenter Distribution, the distribution arm of Computacenter PLC
  • Continuous collision detection, especially in rigid-body dynamics


  • Caput-collum-diaphyseal angle, the angle between the neck and the shaft of the femur in the hip
  • Cleidocranial dysostosis (also called cleidocranial dysplasia), a genetic abnormality in humans
  • Central core disease, a rare neuromuscular disorder
  • Congenital chloride diarrhea, a rare disorder in babies
  • Continuity of Care Document, an XML-based markup standard for patient medical document exchange
  • Cross-reactive carbohydrate determinants, protein-linked carbohydrate structures that have a role in the phenomenon of cross-reactivity in allergic patients.
  • Certified Clinical Densitometrist, a professional certification in the field of bone densitometry from The International Society for Clinical Densitometry


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