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The Cedar Falls Utilities (CFU) is a municipally-owned public utility company serving Cedar Falls, Iowa and is a member of the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities (IAMU).[1] CFU provides municipal water service, electricity generation and distribution, natural gas service, and combined cable television and Internet access to its customers.[2]

CFU participates in municipal efforts to promote economic development,[3] which in turn results in a larger customer base for its utility services. The utility donated land to form the Cedar Falls Industrial and Technology Park[4] in the late 1960s[5] and in more recent years has aggressively expanded access to its communications services, including cable television and broadband Internet access, which the city promotes as a key factor in its economic-development strategy.[6] The communications utility began service in 1996[7] after a 1994 community referendum.

CFU was an early entrant into the market for renewable energy in the United States, investing in a wind-energy project in 1998 along with six other Iowa municipal utilities.[8] CFU is projected to obtain 10% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2010.[9]

Cedar falls Utilities is very innovative in its use of FTTx network. Providing high speed internet and video services


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