Celia Maestre Martín

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Celia Maestre Martín
Personal information
Nationality Spanish
Born (1981-03-26) March 26, 1981 (age 36)
Country  Spain
Sport Track and field

Celia Maestre Martín (born 26 March 1981) is a Spanish track and field sighted guide and social worker who has represented Spain at the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Summer Paralympics as a guide.


Maestre was born on 26 March 1981 in Valencia.[1] She is from the Valencia region of Spain.[2] She is married to David Casinos, and is a social worker.[3] The pair were dating in 2004.[4] In 2004, she was a sociology student.[4] In 2012, she lived in Moncada, Valencia.[1]


Maestre became David Casinos guide in 2002.[3] She was guide for Casinos at the 2004 Summer Paralympics.[3] At the time, they were dating and broke Paralympic taboo by sharing a room together in the Paralympic village.[4] She was a guide at the 2008 Summer Paralympics in athletics for Casinos, where they won a gold medal.[3] She competed at the 2012 Summer Paralympics as a guide.[2] Spain's 14 strong visually impaired athletics delegation to the London Games participated in a training camp at the Center for Sports Modernization in La Rioja ahead of the Games.[5][6][7]


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