Cell Mates (album)

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Cell Mates
Cell Mates.jpg
Studio album by The V.I.M.S / Bowling for Soup
Released February 1996[1]
Genre Pop punk
Length 30:00
Label Que-so[1]
Bowling for Soup chronology
Bowling for Soup
Cell Mates
Rock on Honorable Ones!!

Cell Mates is a split album by Bowling for Soup on their own Que-so Records[1] with fellow Denton-based artists The V.I.M.S. Only 2,100 copies of the album were released and the album is currently out of print.[1] Bowling for Soup frontman Jaret Reddick considers this album to be the band's second studio album.[1] The band released digitally remastered versions of Bowling for Soup, Cell Mates, and Tell Me When to Whoa through iTunes and Amazon.com in October 2011.[2][3] "Cody", "Kool-Aid" and "Assman" was re-recorded for release on Rock on Honorable Ones!!.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Artist(s) Length
1. "King Bong" The V.I.M.S The V.I.M.S 1:54
2. "I Hate McDonald's" The V.I.M.S The V.I.M.S 2:02
3. "I Don't Know" Chris Kruse, Justin James The V.I.M.S 2:19
4. "Navy Sex Offender" The V.I.M.S The V.I.M.S 2:40
5. "Cody" Reddick, Burney, Chandler, Cody Garcia Bowling for Soup 4:01
6. "Kool-Aid" Reddick Bowling for Soup 3:11
7. "Assman" Reddick Bowling for Soup 3:29
8. "Girl You Want (Just a Girl)" Gerald Casale, Mark Mothersbaugh The V.I.M.S 2:25
9. "Nathaniel" The V.I.M.S The V.I.M.S 2:30
10. "Suspicious Minds" (Mark James cover) Mark James Bowling for Soup 2:20
11. "Wisk" Reddick Bowling for Soup 3:05
Total length: 29:58


The V.I.M.S:

Bowling for Soup:

  • Chris Burney — guitars, backing vocals
  • Erik Chandler — bass, backing vocals
  • Lance Morrill — drums, backing vocals
  • Jaret Reddick — lead vocals, guitars


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