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Cellucor supplements.jpg
CountryUnited States
MarketsUnited States, Canada, Latin America, South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom

Cellucor is a sports nutrition brand from the nutritional life sciences company Nutrabolt, which is headquartered in Bryan, Texas in the United States. Cellucor was brought to market in 2002. Cellucor’s main product line, the Cellular Chrome Series, includes various pre-, intra- and post workout supplements, including the brand’s pre-workout, C4 Extreme. Cellucor also offers products through its COR-Performance Series, which includes its whey protein product.


During 2012, Cellucor announced that it would release a number of new supplements. These included a thermogenic, Super-HD, and a weight loss supplement, CLK. The brand also unveiled its COR-Performance Series in 2012. The COR-Performance Series include as ingredients branched chain amino acids, creatine, and protein.[1]

At the end of the year, Cellucor also announced that it would be focusing on developing its COR-Performance Whey in a variety of flavors for the protein market.[1]

During 2013, Cellucor had several product launches including the re-launch of its mass building supplement M5 Extreme, called M5 Reloaded.[2]

Cellucor also re-launched its anabolic supplement, P6 Black, a re-formulation of the original.[3]

The brand released Alpha Amino later in 2013, which is an amino acid drink.[4]


The Cellucor brand sponsors a number of athletes including Mat Fraser, Ron 'Boss' Everlin, Brooke Wells, and Craig Capurso.[5]


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