Cemmes Road railway station

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Cemmes Road station building, after conversion to private residential accommodation, September 1982
Cemmes Road signal box, September 1982. A standard prefabricated design made at Swindon Works, shortly afterwards it was dismantled and moved to a heritage railway

Cemmes Road railway station was a railway station on the Newtown and Machynlleth Railway (N&MR) in Mid-Wales, serving the village of Cemmaes Road.

The N&MR, after crossing the River Severn and crossing through the Cambrian Mountains through the Talerddig cutting, junctioned with the Mawddwy Railway at the village of Cemmaes Road. It then proceeded to Machynlleth.

Due to the nearby location of the similarly named Cemmaes railway station on the Mawddwy Railway, it was chosen by the N&MR's English backers to name the junction station using an Anglicanised-version of the village's Welsh language name.

Cemmes Road shut under the Beeching Axe in 1965, although the station itself still exists today as a private house.


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Coordinates: 52°37′27.53″N 3°44′41.83″W / 52.6243139°N 3.7449528°W / 52.6243139; -3.7449528