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The Cercle de l'Oratoire (French for "Circle of the Oratory") is a French think tank created a short time after the September 11, 2001 attacks. Since 2006, it edits a journal, Le Meilleur des mondes. The Circle is led by the journalist Michel Taubmann, who is also in charge of the news at Arte-Paris, and of his wife Florence, a pastor at the Temple de l'oratoire du Louvre and vice-president of the Amitié judéo-chrétienne group (Judeo-Christian Friendship). Many of its members (André Glucksmann, Pascal Bruckner, Romain Goupil, etc.) and the Meilleur des mondes journal supported the US invasion of Iraq, a minority viewpoint in France.

Le Meilleur des mondes[edit]

The journal Le Meilleur des mondes is published by the éditions Denoël and headed by Michel Taubmann. It launched a first petition in favor of United Nations's intervention in Afghanistan.[1] Two years later, it published another petition in Le Figaro supporting the US invasion of Iraq.[2]

This journal has been described by some in the French media as the "Voice of America" [3] or as a gathering point of French neoconservatives (néo-conservateurs à la française).[4] The journal, however, rejects these labels, describing itself as "anti-totalitarian". It considers radical Islam as a "real danger", and claims that "there has never been so much anti-Jewish propaganda." [5]



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