Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association

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Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association
Formation 1978
Type Sports federation
Official language
Koos Engelbrecht
Website cpisra.org

The Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association (CPISRA) is the international governing body for sports for athletes with cerebral palsy. CPISRA Games has organized the pre-organization of CPISRA for the first time and is still organizing these games.

CP-ISRA sports are open to athletes with cerebral palsy, and athletes with similar disabilities resulting from other neurological disorders such as stroke or traumatic brain injuries.

Founded in 1978, CP-ISRA is currently made up of 59 national members and three associations. It is a member organization of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

CP-ISRA is the sole international governing body for the sports of football 7-a-side, boccia, and race runner. CP-ISRA also holds events for its athletes in alpine skiing, athletics, bowls, cycling, nordic skiing, powerlifting, swimming, and table tennis. (Multi-disability events in these sports are governed by the IPC or other sport-specific organizations.)

The headquarters of this organisation was set up in Wildeshausen, Germany.


No. Year Games Host City Opening Ceremony Closing Ceremony Ref.
I 1974 1. International Cerebral Palsy Games England London
II 1976 2. International Cerebral Palsy Games France Montrodat
III 1978 3. International Cerebral Palsy Games Scotland Edinburgh July 1978 [1][2]
IV 1980 4. International Cerebral Palsy Games [1]
V 1982 5. International Cerebral Palsy Games Denmark Greve [1]
VI 1986 6. International Cerebral Palsy Games Belgium Gits
VII 1989 Robin Hood CP World Games England Nottingham [1]
VIII 1993 Robin Hood CP World Games England Nottingham [1][3]
IX 1997 Robin Hood CP World Games Netherlands Delden 8 May 12 May [1][4]
X 2001 CPISRA World Games
Robin Hood CP World Games
England Nottingham 19 July 29 July [1][5][6][7][8]
XI 2005 CPISRA World Games United States New London 27 June 11 July [1][9][10][11]
XII 2015 CPISRA World Games England Nottingham 6 August 16 August [12]
XIII 2018 CPISRA World Games Spain Sant Cugat del Vallès [13]
XIV 2021 CPISRA World Games

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