Chacarron Macarron

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Single by El Chombo featuring Andy Val Gourmet
Released 2006
Format CD
Recorded 2005
Genre Reggaeton
Label Universal
Writer(s) Rodney S. Clark
  • Rodney S. Clark
  • Andy de la Cruz

"Chacarron Macarron" (usually shortened to "Chacarron") is a hit song by Panamanian artists Rodney Clark ('El Chombo') and Andy De La Cruz (also known as Andy Val Gourmet). Rodney is best known for Lorna's 2003 hit "Papi Chulo".

The song has gained popularity on the Internet because of its nonsensical lyrics (which are nothing but gibberish consisting of various onomatopoeic sounds, such as the "uale" noise, earning him the nickname of "El Mudo") and music video, which has seen it being used in numerous viral videos online.

A similar song, "Chacarron Macarron", appeared as the first track of Yahari's album Las + Bailables de .... Yahari.[1]

It is one of the current at bat songs of Toronto Blue Jays shortstop José Reyes, Pittsburgh Pirates third baseman Andy Marte, Arizona Diamondbacks Catcher Miguel Montero, who also used it in 2007, and Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus.

The song contains a sample from "The Breaks" by Kurtis Blow.[2]

The song also appears on the 2006 compilation Now That's What I Call Music! 65. The song reached the top 20 on the UK Singles Chart in December 2006.[3]