Chan Meng Kam

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Chan Meng Kam
Chan Meng Kam.jpg
Member of the Legislative Assembly
Assumed office
25 September 2005
Preceded by Vitor Cheung
Constituency Macau (Directly elected)
Personal details
Born (1962-11-09) November 9, 1962 (age 54)
Ludongcun, Dongshi, Jinjiang, Fujian
Nationality China
Political party United Citizens Association of Macau

Chan Meng Kam (Chinese: 陳明金; born 9 November 1962 in Ludongcun, Dongshi, Jinjiang, Fujian[1]) is a member of the Legislative Assembly of Macau. Chan Meng Kam is a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, President of the Macau Paralympic Committee, Chairman of City University of Macau and Huaqiao University.

Personal life[edit]

Chan arrived in Macau from mainland China when he was 17 years old. [2] Despite the lack of education, he establishes himself as one of the predominant figure in Macau society. [3] Chan made his fortunes during Macau's economic growth in the early 1990s.

In 1990, Chan set up Golden Dragon Group Company Limited [4] and later become the shareholder of San Miu Supermarket Limited. Currently Chan is one of the richest man in Macau, owning hundreds of residential and commercial properties.[5] [6] [7]

Political involvement[edit]

Chan has strong influence to the local Fujian community due to his background. Since becoming the member of Macau's legislative assembly, Chan strongly promotes the idea of mainland citizens with parents whom is residing in Macau gaining the right for the Macau citizenship. [8] Chan claims himself invalid for the 2017 legislative election,[9] [10] as media and public assuming him prepare for becoming Macau's next chief executive candidate.[11]


Chan once gave away over one million hk dollars after scoring hole-in-one. [12]

In August 2014, Chan's residence was robbed, a sum of 5000 Macau Pataca was stolen with nobody arrested over the incident. [13]

Chan has a nickname of "The King of voters' choice" (票王) due to high percentage of received votes in each of the election campaign that he has been completed. The title is given by the media mocking the amount of votes come from electoral fraud. [14] [15] [16] [17]"Black Gold" (黑金) is Chan's other nickname by the media. [18] [19]

Although Chan has been living in Macau for more than 30 years, he still unable to speak Cantonese fluently with his strong Fijian accent.[20]

Due to Chan's status and social influence, [21] local media usually portray him in a positive manner, while the Hong Kong media would tend to be less reserved.

Kim Jong-nam, was on Chan's Facebook friend list before the account being removed. Media implicated that Chan got to know Kim for some time. [22]

Chan is popular among the mainland immigrants, [23] while other locals seem him as a figure put Macau at risk.[24]

Election results[edit]

Year Candidate Hare quota Mandate List Votes List Pct
2005 Chan Meng Kam (ACUM) 10,351 №2/12 20,701 16.57%
2009 Chan Meng Kam (ACUM) 8,507 №2/12 17,014 12.00%
2013 Chan Meng Kam (ACUM) 6,596 №1/14 26,385 18.02%

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