Changbai–Hyesan International Bridge

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Changbai–Hyesan International Bridge

The Changbai–Hyesan International Bridge (Chinese: 长惠国际大桥) is a bridge over the Yalu River, connecting Changbai Korean Autonomous County of Changbai City, Jilin Province, China, with Hyesan City of Ryanggang Province, North Korea. It was initially built in 1936 by the Japanese, and, after several destructions and rebuildings, was renewed in 1985 as the present-day bridge, which is 148 meters long and 9 meters wide.[1] Since 1992, one-day, five-day and ten-day tours have been conducted between China and North Korea.[2]

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Coordinates: 41°24′25″N 128°10′30″E / 41.4069°N 128.1750°E / 41.4069; 128.1750