Changi Creek Reservoir

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Changi Creek Reservoir
Coordinates 1°23′11″N 103°59′42″E / 1.38639°N 103.99500°E / 1.38639; 103.99500Coordinates: 1°23′11″N 103°59′42″E / 1.38639°N 103.99500°E / 1.38639; 103.99500
Type reservoir
Basin countries Singapore

Changi Creek Reservoir is a small service reservoir located to the north of Singapore Changi Airport in Singapore. The reservoir supplements and provides backup water supply for the airport. It was formed by damming the headwaters of a small river, Changi Creek, which empties into Sungei Changi and thence into the Serangoon Harbour.

Rainfall from the runways and surrounding green areas is collected in the nearby South End Reservoir. Changi Creek Reservoir is used to balance flows during incoming tides and high rainfall.[1]


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