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Charles Troy Coleman (March 15, 1947 – September 10, 1990)[1] was a convicted murderer executed in 1990 by lethal injection by the State of Oklahoma for the murder of John Seward.[2] He was convicted in 1979 of the murder of Seward, who, along with his wife, was killed by a shotgun blast in rural Muskogee County, Oklahoma, when they interrupted a robbery at a relative's house.[3][1] Coleman was executed in 1990 after almost twelve years on death row at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary. He was put to death by the State of Oklahoma by lethal injection at the age of 32 after exhausting all appeals.[2] (At the time, Coleman had become friends with Gregory R. Wilhoit, now a death row exoneree, though they had argued bitterly over the death penalty.[4]) He became the first person to be executed in Oklahoma since the 1966 electrocution of James Donald French after the United States Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976 and the first person in Oklahoma to be executed by lethal injection.[2]

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