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Chased By Dinosaurs
Chased by dinosaurs.jpeg
StarringNigel Marven
Composer(s)Ben Bartlett
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Production company(s)BBC Natural History Unit
Impossible Pictures
DistributorBBC Worldwide
Original networkBBC
Original release30 December 2002 – 1 January 2003

Chased by Dinosaurs is a five-episode spin-off of the BBC program Walking with Dinosaurs which originally aird on BBC One during Christmas 2002 and November 2003. In a departure from the sereis usual format, these specials feature zoologist Nigel Marven as a time traveller who investigates and encounters dinosaurs in the wild. The specials are known only by their individual titles (with the subtitle 'A Walking With Dinosaurs Special/Trilogy') on-screen; The umbrella title 'Chased by Dinosaurs' was used to market the series in the United States.

The production company Impossible Pictures and producer Jasper James would produce the ITV series Prehistoric Park in 2006. This docu-fiction series would also feature Marven traveling through prehistory in search of extinct animals.


No.TitleDirected byTimePlace (Filming Location)Original air dateU.K. viewers
1"The Giant Claw"[1]Tim Haines75 mya; (Late Cretaceous)
Nemegt Desert, Mongolia (Fraser Island, Australia)30 December 2002 (2002-12-30)6.83[2][note 1]
Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island, Australia, served as the main filming location of Chased by Dinosaurs: The Giant Claw.

Nigel searches the early Mongolia deserts and forests for Therizinosaurus (10 m, 5 t), who has massive and very long claws. Nigel's tent is immediately trampled by a Saurolophus (10 m), but he still goes off for his adventure. On his journey, Nigel dashes across a nesting ground of Protoceratops (3 m), and deflects them from attacking him by using a red flag. He enters a forest ruled by Velociraptor (2 m), and finds a pack of them bringing down a large male Protoceratops. In the night, Nigel catches a scorpion and explains that they have been on the planet long before the dinosaurs, and are still alive today. He also finds a group of Mononykus (1 m) and discovers they have feathers. The next morning he finds that the Mononykus have eaten his scorpion, and heads out of the denser parts of the forest. There he finds the nesting site of a Therizinosaurus, along with the embryo of one, but also finds herbivore dung around the area. Nigel cannot understand why it is scattered around the nest of Therizinosaurus which he thinks must be a predator. He continues his journey, and a group of Mononykus run past him, but he finds out that they are actually running away from a Tarbosaurus (9,5 m, 4 t) that is nearby. He narrowly escapes the predator and decided to head to a freshwater lake to see if there are any signs of Therizinosaurus there. He finds an entire skeleton of one, and reassembles one of the arms. He speculates that Therizinosaurus used the claws for disemboweling prey, but he gets even more confused as he also finds herbivore teeth amongst the bones. Before Nigel can continue searching, he finds a pack of Velociraptors hunting him. He escapes them by driving them off with a fog horn, and hears some noises by the lake. He then finds a Tarbosaurus arriving at the lake to drink, but is then confronted by a real live Therizinosaurus. The two dinosaurs fight and the latter wins by slashing the former with its huge claws. A herd of Therizinosaurus appears and begins browsing on the surrounding vegetation, making Nigel realize that the Therizinosaurus were actually plant-eaters all along. He continues observing it using his camera, and at the end, the Therizinosaurus licks Nigel's camera, which makes him fall.

Saurolophus  · Protoceratops  · Velociraptor  · Azhdarcho  · Mononykus  · Tarbosaurus  · Therizinosaurus
2"Land of Giants"Jasper James100 mya (Middle Cretaceous)
Argentina (Tenerife, Santa Cruz de La Palma, Canary Islands)1 January 2003 (2003-01-01)5.76
Canary islands the main place of filming for this episode
Nigel Marven travels back in time to mid-cretaceous Argentina with his film crew. He travels to a nearby lake, where the Argentinosaurus (35 m) nest every year. There Nigel sees a juvenile Argentinosaurus (10 m), where he is attacked by a Sarcosuchus (12 m). Throughout the day, Nigel meets other creatures, such as the iguanodont Macrogryphosaurus and the pterosaur Pteranodon with 20-foot (6 m) wingspan. As Nigel returns to camp, he find the campsite trashed and a carnivorous dinosaur tooth stuck in a can of meat. The next morning, Nigel follows a trackway left by the mystery dinosaur until a wounded iguanodont leads him to the mystery dinosaur, which is a Giganotosaurus (13 m) carrying a dead iguanodont in its mouth. The next morning, Nigel flies in his ultralight, 20 miles away from the camp, in his search for the herd, alongside the giant pterosaur Tropeognathus with a 40-foot (12 m) wingspan. Finally, he finds the herd and drives the jeep. As they continue their journey, Nigel weighs one of the them with weighing pads and measures it at 92 tonnes. Later he finds the herd being stalked by a Giganotosaurus pack. After an hour of selecting a victim, the predators separate and attack a sub-adult female from the herd as they move on and leave her behind. The predators relentlessly attack and wound her until a larger Giganotosaurus arrives and joins in on the attack. The hunt continues for the rest of the day and into the night, when filming is no longer possible and Nigel must leave. The next morning, Nigel finds the herd at the nesting site beside the lake. While the females are laying their eggs Nigel comments on what a magical ending this is for his dinosaur safari. Suddenly a Sarcosuchus lunges at him out of the water. Nigel just escapes, but his camera is consumed.
Argentinosaurus  · Sarcosuchus  · Pteranodon  · Giganotosaurus  · Tropeognathus  · Macrogryphosaurus
3"Sea Monsters: Dangerous Seas"[3]Jasper James450 mya (The Ordovician)
230 mya (The Triassic)
360 mya (The Devonian)
-9 November 2003 (2003-11-09)7.59

Nigel begins his journey to visit the seven most deadly seas of prehistory. In the Ordovician, Nigel finds an astraspis carcass and uses it to attract a predator, resulting in a megalograptus injuring his feet. Wearing chain mail, Nigel later dives in search of more megalograptus and comes across a cameroceras; He grabs onto its shell until he is too deep for comfort, and finds large numbers of megalograptus mating when he arrives back at shore. In the Triassic, Nigel spots a nothosaurus and dives to pursue it. As the nothosaurus's jaw opening muscles are weak, he is able to hold onto its mouth and ride it. This leads him to a tanystropheus, who sheds its tail when Nigel pulls on it; This attracts a cymbospondylus, whom Nigel fends off with an electric prod. Nigel travels to the Devonian in search of a dunkleosteus. For a bet with the crew, Nigel catches a bothriolepis and wraps it in chain mail to see if the dunkleosteus could still chew through it; Nigel swims into a round shark cage and holds out the bait bothriolepis.

Cameroceras (identified as Giant Orthocone)  · Megalograptus (identified as a Sea Scorpion)  · Astraspis (identified as an Armor-plated Fish)  · Isotelus (identified as a Trilobite)  · Graptolite  · Cymbospondylus  · Coelophysis  · Nothosaurus (identified as a Nothosaur)  · Tanystropheus  · Peteinosaurus (identified as Pterosaur)  · Placodont (appears in book)  · Neusticosaurus (appears in book)  · Mastodonsaurus (appears in book)  · Cynodont (appears in book)  · Prestosuchus (appears in book)  · Bothriolepis (identified as a Placoderm)  · Stethacanthus (Identified informally as an "Ironing Board" Shark)  · Onychodus (appears in book)  · Cladoselache (appears in book)  · Cheirolepis (appears in book)  · Graptolite (appears in book)  · Coelacanth (appears in book)
4"Sea Monsters: Into the Jaws of Death"Jasper James360 mya (The Devonian)
36 mya (The Eocene)
4 mya (The Pliocene)
-16 November 2003 (2003-11-16)6.94

The dunkleosteus successfully chews through the chain mail-wrapped bothriolepis with enough force to bend the shark cage. In the Eocene, Nigel comes across a migrating arsinoitherium and attempts to entice it over to him with an apple; Instead, it charges at him, but he evades it by heading into an area of trees. On the boat, Nigel's crew detect the sounds of a basilosaurus and successfully attract it by recording the its own call and playing it back. Nigel dives to watch the basilosaurus, keeping close to the bottom of his boat for safety, which destroys the boats underwater speaker for territorial reasons. Searching for a megalodon in the Pliocene, Nigel's crew convince him to dive in the coastal waters with juveniles before attempting to find an adult, where he has a close call with an adolescent. They later attract an adult with chum, with the intention of placing a camera on its fin. Unable to get close enough with the shark cage, he places the chum to the side of the boat and leans over to catch its fin; He is successful, but is knocked off the boat in the process.

 · Bothriolepis (identified as a Placoderm)  · Stethacanthus (Identified informally as an "Ironing Board" Shark)  · Onychodus (appears in book)  · Cladoselache (appears in book)  · Cheirolepis (appears in book)  · Graptolite (appears in book)  · Coelacanth (appears in book)  · Basilosaurus  · Arsinoitherium  · Dorudon  · Palaeomastodon (appears in book)  · Physogaleus (appears in book)  · Sarkastodon (appears in book)  · Megalodon  · Odobenocetops  · Cetotherium (identified as whale)  · Thalassocnus (appears in book)  · Great White Sharks (appears in book)
5"Sea Monsters: To Hell and Back"Jasper James4 mya (The Pliocene)
155 mya The Jurassic
75 mya The Cretaceous
-23 November 2003 (2003-11-23)6.52

Nigel hastily swims back into his boat as the megalodon swims away. A few days later, they find their camera and play back footage of the megalodon attacking a cetotherium. In the Jurassic, Nigel finds some migrating leedsichthys; One of them is injured, attracting several large predators. Later, Nigel devises some repellent so that he can safely dive with liopleurodon, which he tests on juveniles with a dummy; He later dives with liopleurodon that are feeding on the dead the leedsichthys, where his repellent keeps them at bay. Nigel nicknames the Cretaceous sea "Hell's Aquarium", and tells viewers that it is too dangerous for him to dive in; Instead, they use an ROV to follow the marine life. Nigel disobeys his own advice when he sees an archelon and, not seeing any predators nearby, dives in to ride on its shell; A handful of crewmembers sail alongside him in an inflatable raft. The main boat warns him of an oncoming tylosaurus, which capsizes the raft before they can get back to the boat. The group escapes while the tylosaurus is interested in the raft instead of them.

Basilosaurus  · Arsinoitherium  · Dorudon  · Palaeomastodon (appears in book)  · Physogaleus (appears in book)  · Sarkastodon (appears in book)  · Megalodon  · Odobenocetops  · Cetotherium (identified as whale)  · Thalassocnus (appears in book)  · Great White Sharks (appears in book)  · Liopleurodon  · Leedsichthys  · Metriorhynchus  · Hybodus  · Cryptoclidus (appears in book)  · Ophthalmosaurus (appears in book)  · Eustreptospondylus (appears in book)  · Rhamphorhynchus (appears in book)  · Tylosaurus (identified as a Giant (Mosasaur)  · Hesperornis  · Squalicorax (identified as a (shark)  · Xiphactinus  · Halisaurus (identified as a (Mosasaur)  · Daspletosaurus  · Pteranodon  · Elasmosaurus  · Archelon  · Dromaeosaurus(Appears in Book)  · Hainosaurus (Appears in Book)  · Platecarpus (Appears in Book)

BBC Three aired an 85-minute omnibus version of Sea Monsters on November 4, 2006.[4]

Home Video releases[edit]

The first two specials were released on DVD in the UK as Land of Giants/The Giant Claw: A Walking With Dinosaurs Special [sic] by BBC Worldwide on March 8, 2004 as the third title of The Big Dinosaur Box,[5] bundled with the previously released Walking with Dinosaurs and The Ballad of Big Al. This set was re-released as The Walking with Dinosaurs Box Set in 2013 with new artwork.[6] This release also contains a sixteen minute interview with producers/directors Tim Haines and Jasper James and presenter Nigel Marven. Although this DVD has not been released individually, both releases are packaged as individual cases in a slipcase, meaning that separated copies can be found pre-owned.

A North American edition containing all five episodes, Chased By Dinosaurs, was released by BBC Worldwide on October 5, 2004.[7] It was re-released with new artwork in 2014.[8]

All five episodes have also been released in Europe as a region-free PAL DVD, Walking With Dinosaurs Specials, with English audio and optional Dutch subtitles; This release includes an extended twenty-one minute version of the interview present on the UK disc, with the additional material relating to Sea Monsters.

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