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PAL PlayStation version box art
Developer(s) CTA Developments[1]

Gina Jackson (producer)[3]
Richard Cheek (graphics & design)[3]

John Scott (programmer)[3]
Platform(s) PlayStation
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Mode(s) Single-player

Cheesy is a platform game published by Ocean Software[2] and developed by CTA Developments[1] for the PlayStation. It was released in Europe on November, 1996[2] and in Japan on July 24, 1997.[2]

Cheesy is a third-person, 3D platform game that stars a mouse named Cheesy who has been captured by a mad scientist for his genetic experiments. However, aliens attack the castle and in the commotion Cheesy escapes.[1]


The central character in this game is a mouse called Cheesy, who is trapped inside Dr Chem's castle where he must walk the treadmill to provide power for the mad scientist's genetic experiments.[4]

However, aliens attack the castle and in the commotion Cheesy escapes. Cheesy has to navigate through 24 levels and fight mutated creatures, huge spiders, balance a minecart through derelict tracks and escape flames inside a burning chimney.[1]


2D parallax view of the game.

Cheesy contains 24 levels including a range of minigames such as “mine cart chases”. The game features a number of viewpoints that include 2D parallax, isometric 3D, top down 3D and a first person perspective playing angle.[4]

Each level is accessed from a central chamber that has various doors and openings that lead to different sections of the castle. The chimney will lead to the castle's roof while the drains will take Cheesy into piranha-infested sewers.[4]

The gameplay is similar to that of Spider: The Video Game[5] and involves elements of puzzle solving, timed jumps over flaming pits, bouncing off enemies to land on previously unreachable platforms and a fair bit of gun-toting.[4]


The game received overwhelmingly poor reviews from critics. TheGaiw heavily criticized Cheesy for its lack of proper storytelling, unfairly difficult on-rails stages, camera that is often too close to the player character, boring character design, bad controls, being too dark for what was meant to be for younger players, and overall called it a boring, mediocre game, that deserves to be forgotten.[6]


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