Chief Commissioner of Rodrigues

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Chief Commissioner of Rodrigues
Chef Commissaire
Arms of Rodrigues.gif
Coat of arms of Rodrigues
Flag of Rodrigues.gif
Flag of Rodrigues
Serge Clair

since 11 February 2012
Nominator Leader of the largest party in the Regional Assembly
Appointer President of Mauritius
Term length 5 years or earlier, renewable
Inaugural holder Jean Daniel Spéville
Formation 10 December 2002; 15 years ago (2002-12-10)
Deputy Deputy Chief Commissioner
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The Chief Commissioner of Rodrigues (French: Chef Commissaire de Rodrigues) is the gubernatorial head of the region of Rodrigues since it gained autonomy within the Republic of Mauritius on 12 October 2002. The Commissioner is selected from the party holding the majority of seats at the regional assembly.



Since 11 February 2012, the Chief Commissioner Serge Clair was assigned the following responsibilities.[1]

  • Central Administration
  • Civil Aviation (Administration)
  • Civil Status
  • Customs and Excise (Administration)
  • Judicial (Administration)
  • Legal Services
  • Marine Services (Administration)
  • Meteorology (Administration)
  • Education (Administration)
  • Arts and Culture
  • Historical sites and Buildings
  • State Lands
  • Town and Country Planning
  • Fire Services
  • Prisons and Reform Institutions (Administration)
  • Cooperatives
  • Agriculture
  • Food Production
  • Plant and Animal Quarantine
  • Statistics in respect of Rodrigues
  • Registration
  • Postal Services (Administration)

List of Chief Commissioner[edit]

This is a list of Chief Commissioners of Rodrigues.[2][3]

# Incumbent Portrait Tenure Elected Political affiliation
Took office Left office
1. Jean Daniel Spéville No image.png 12 October 2002 4 February 2003 Rodrigues People's Organisation
2. Serge Clair No image.png 4 February 2003 4 August 2006 Rodrigues People's Organisation
3. Johnson Roussety No image.png 4 August 2006 12 January 2011 Rodrigues Movement
4. Gaëtan Jabeemissar No image.png 12 January 2011 11 February 2012 Rodrigues Movement
(2) Serge Clair No image.png 11 February 2012 Incumbent Rodrigues People's Organisation

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