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President of the Supreme Court
Kryetari i Gjykatës së Lartë
Supreme Court of Albania logo.png
Seal of the Supreme Court
Xhezair Zaganjori[1]

since 24 April 2013
Nominator Bujar Nishani
Appointer Albanian Assembly
Succession Assumes viceregal duties upon the death or incapacitation of the President
Salary 190.000 lekë

The Chief Justice of Albania, officially known as the President of the Supreme Court of Albania[2] (Albanian: Kryetari i Gjykatës së Lartë) is the most senior judge of the Supreme Court of Albania, who presides over every activity of the institution: he approves the internal regulations and the structure of the court, issues orders and directives of an administrative nature, supervises the support function, presides the bench in the United College, appoints the Members of the court into distinct Colleges, employs and dismisses Judicial Assistants as well as the court's administrative staff and oversees the management of the annual budget of the court.

The incumbent President of the Supreme Court is Justice Xhezair Zaganjori, who was appointed to this position by the President on 24 April 2013, after a long and distinguished legal carrier, having last served as a member of the Constitutional Court of Albania.[3]

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Current members of the Supreme Court of Albania

Xhezair Zaganjori


Ardian Dvorani • Ardian Nuni • Arjana Fullani • Evelina Qirjako • Guxim Aenelaj • Majlinda Andrea • Andi Çeliku • Aleksander Muskaj • Mirela Fana • Medi Bici • Edmond Islamaj • Shkëlzen Selimi • Artan Zeneli • Admir Thanza • Tom Ndreca • Artan Broci

* as of 2016