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Zingjui by the tangkhul,

Swemai by the poumai

Khatchomi in nagaland
Chingjaroi is located in Manipur
Location in Manipur, India
Chingjaroi is located in India
Chingjaroi (India)
Coordinates: 25°23′34″N 94°24′33″E / 25.39278°N 94.40917°E / 25.39278; 94.40917Coordinates: 25°23′34″N 94°24′33″E / 25.39278°N 94.40917°E / 25.39278; 94.40917
Country India
 • Total6,653
 • OfficialTangkhul (Amahsha-dei/Zingjuitui)
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registrationMN
Nearest cityUkhrul
Lok Sabha constituencyOuter Manipur
Vidhan Sabha constituencyChingai

Chingjaroi, originally known Asinei or Asewnei alternatively called Zingchui/Zingjui by the tangkhul ,Swemai by the Poumai and khatchomi in nagaland is a large tangkhul Naga village located north of Ukhrul in Ukhrul district, Manipur state, India and bordered mainly by villages like Peh, Phaibung ,Jessami , Laii (Gaziphima) ,Kharasom and Razai. The village is sub-divided into three parts, viz. Chingjaroi Khullen, Chingjaroi Khunou and Chingjaroi Christian Village. Chingjaroi Khullen the nearest from the National Highway 150 is approximately 84 kilometers from Ukhrul district headquarters.

Total Population[edit]

As per 2015 census,[1] Chingjaroi Khullen has 530 households with the total of 4825 people of which 2552 are male and 2273 are female. 472 were in the age group of 0–6 years. The average sex ratio of the Chingjaroi Khullen is 985 female per 1000 male which is higher than the state's average of 985. The literacy rate of Chingjaroi Khullen is recorded as 90%.
According to 2015 census report, The total population of Chingjaroi Christian Village (CV) is 1280 of 214 households of which 618 are male and 662 are female.[2] Children in age group 0-6 was 158. The average sex ratio of Chingjaroi CV is 1071 female per 1000 male which is slightly higher than the state average of 985. Literacy rate of the village is 83.42%.

2011 census report records the total population of Chingjaroi Khunou as 548 with 98 households of which 272 are male and 276 are female. The literacy rate of Chingjaroi Khunou is 68.93%.[3]

Chingjaroi as a whole is flanked by Phaibung in the west, Kharasom in the north, Peh in the south and Tusom in the east.[4]


Myth has it that the first settler by the name Resu of the village arrived to the present settlement in abeyance to the directives revealed in his dream. He was eventually joined by other settlers from the directions of Phaibung and Jesami.[5] Chingjui Matha, one of the highest peaks in the district that lies in the north east of the village is a special tourist attraction.

People and Occupation[edit]

The village is home to people of Tangkhul Naga tribe .The village has a unique culture of both the Tangkhul Naga , Poumai Naga and chakhesang Naga tradition . Majority of the inhabitants are Christians of Roman Catholic and American Baptist denominations. Agriculture is the primary occupation of the inhabitants. The village is well known in the district for its scenic beauty and her majestic Chingjui Matha. Khamor Ngkhui (meaning 'ancient or fore-fathers festival' or Khamui Phanit festival), a feast of thanksgiving and providence where local-brewed rice-beer and traditional bread are its core attractions. It is celebrated with much gaiety in the month of April.


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