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Chip is a nickname in the United States, most often for Charles or Christopher. People with the nickname include:

  • Willis Chip Arndt (born 1966), American gay activist and winner, with his former partner, of The Amazing Race 4
  • William Chip Banks (born 1959), American National Football League player with the Cleveland Browns, San Diego Chargers, and Indianapolis Colts (1982-1992)
  • Charles Chip Beck (born 1956), American golfer
  • John Chip Berlet (born 1949), American investigative journalist and photojournalist
  • Charles Eustis Bohlen, American diplomat
  • Harry Chip Caray (born 1965), American television sports broadcaster
  • James "Chip" Carter, son of former US President Jimmy Carter
  • Raymond Chip Cravaack (born 1959), American politician and former US Navy pilot
  • Louis Chip Davis (born 1947), founder and leader of the music group Mannheim Steamroller, songwriter of the 1975 hit "Convoy"
  • Charles Chip Esten (born 1965), American comedian, actor and singer
  • Laverne Chip Fields (born 1951), American singer, actress and television director
  • Floyd Chip Ganassi, Jr. (born 1958), American former racecar driver and current racecar owner
  • Walter Chip Hale (born 1964), American former Major League Baseball and current bench coach of the Oakland Athletics
  • George Chip Johannessen, American TV producer, writer and editor
  • John Chip Lohmiller (born 1966), American former National Football League placekicker
  • Charles Chip Kelly (born 1963), American college football and National Football League head coach
  • Charles Chip Kidd (born 1964), American graphic designer, author and editor
  • Phillip Chip Myers (1945-1999), American National Football League player
  • Edward Chip Monck (born 1939), American lighting designer and master of ceremonies at the 1969 Woodstock Festival
  • Charles Chip Pashayan (born 1941), American politician
  • Charles Chip Peterson (born 1987), American long-distance swimmer
  • Charles Chip Pickering (born 1963), American politician
  • David Chip Reese (1951-2007), American poker player
  • William Chip Rogers (born 1968), American former politician
  • Dale Chip Rosenbloom (born 1964), American filmmaker, director and producer, co-owner and Vice Chairman of the St. Louis Rams football franchise
  • Jerome Chip Zien (born 1947), American stage and television actor

Fictional characters include:

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