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चिलं/चिलिम(In Nepal Bhasa)

चित्लाङ (In Nepali)
Chitlang is located in Nepal
Location within Nepal
Coordinates: 27°39′N 85°10′E / 27.65°N 85.17°E / 27.65; 85.17Coordinates: 27°39′N 85°10′E / 27.65°N 85.17°E / 27.65; 85.17
Country   Nepal
ZoneNarayani Zone
DistrictMakwanpur District
 • Total5,830
Time zoneUTC+5:45 (Nepal Time)

Chitlang (Nepali:चित्लाङ, Nepal Bhasa:चिलं/चिलिम])) is a VDC located in Makwanpur District, Narayani Zone, CDR, Nepal.


Chitlang is located to the south west of Kathmandu valley in mid-hills called Mahabharat range.[1]

The VDC is bounded by-


Chitlang VDC is located in ancient Newar settlement. Inscriptions dating back to Lichchavi era have been found in this place.[2]

An inscription was found in Toukhel, Ward 6 of Chitlang VDC, established by king Amshubarma (in sambat 37). According to the inscription, Amshubarma had given the land to shepherds and established a settlement for shepherds in Toukhel, Nhulgaun, Kunchhal etc. of Chitlang.[3] Some historians believe that these people called Gopalis are the descendants of rulers of the Gopal era.[3] In Chitlang there are different cultures: in ward no 1 there is Tamang culture in ward no. 2 Khas(Newar,Tamang and Bahun)Mix culture. in ward nos 3, 4, 5, 6 and there is the Newari culture; ward nos. 8, 7 and 9 has a mixed culture. There are many visiting places like "Majhagau" specially(Ashoka chaitya) newari people and culture, Swachchhanda Vairav Temple and Satdhaea(sat dhara) vendafarm and Organic village resort.


According to 2013 census of Nepal, there were many houses in Chitlang and 7680 people.[4] The main ethnic populations are Newar, Tamang, Khas,[Bahun]etc.


Chitlang has a rich Newar culture. The Chitlang dialect of Nepal Bhasa is spoken almost exclusively in this region.[5] The Balami language is one such language.

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