Choire Sicha

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Choire Sicha
Born (1971-11-19) November 19, 1971 (age 45)
United States
Occupation Writer, editor, blogger
Nationality American
Genre Culture, non-fiction

Choire Sicha (born November 19, 1971) is an American writer and blogger. He is the co-owner of The Awl, and the former co-editor of Gawker.


Sicha began his writing career as an editor for Gawker, The New York Observer, and Radar Online.[1] He launched The Awl in April 2009, with Alex Balk and David Cho, out of his East Village apartment.[2] The website, described as a "irreverent, all-purpose, media/culture/politics/think-piece/bear-video clusterfuck" by GQ,[3] is based in downtown Brooklyn.[4] Sicha published his first book, Very Recent History: An Entirely Factual Account of a Year (c. AD 2009) in a Large City in 2013.[1]


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