Chonhar Peninsula

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Chonhar Peninsula
Chohgar peninsula. View from altitude 12000 m.jpg
Adjacent bodies of water Syvash
Largest settlement Chonhar

The article's name is transliterated in accordance to the official and academical romanization of Ukrainian.

The Chonhar Peninsula is a peninsula in the northern part of Syvash. Administratively, the whole peninsula houses the Chonhar rural community of Henichesk Raion. Together with the reaching towards it from the Crimean peninsula Tup-Dzhankoi, the Chonhar Peninsula divides Syvash into two parts: eastern and western.

The Chonhar Peninsula, while part of Kherson province, is connected by numerous bridges and causeways dams with the Crimean Peninsula. Along with the Perekop Isthmus and the Arabat Spit, the Chonhar Peninsula boasts one of the three road connections between Crimea and mainland Europe.

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Coordinates: 46°03′40″N 34°31′33″E / 46.06111°N 34.52583°E / 46.06111; 34.52583