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For people of a similar name, see Christian Anker (disambiguation).
Paléet Manor in Christiania

Christian Ancher (27 July 1711 – 9 January 1765) was a Norwegian merchant, timber trader and ship owner. [1]


Ancher was born in Søndre Land in Oppland, Norway. He was the son of Bernt Ancher (1680–1724) and Karen Tanche (1685–1758). The son of a vicar in the Church of Norway, he trained in the trading house established by cousins James Collett (1655-1727) and Peder Leuch (1692-1746) in Christiania (now Oslo).[2] He eventually became the largest timber trader in Christiania. He was also quite active in shipping. He is commonly associated with his residence Paléet Manor near Bjørvika, which later was used as a Royal residence.[3][4]

Personal Life[edit]

He was married to Karen Elieson (1723-1806). They were the parents of four sons: Bernt Anker who was a merchant and owner of Frogner Manor, Peder Anker who became Prime Minister of Norway and was owner of Bogstad Manor as well as Iver (1745-1772) and Jess (1753-1798). [5]


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