Christian Friedrich Traugott Duttenhofer

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Silhouette paper cutting by Luise Duttenhofer from ca. 1820, showing her husband Christian Friedrich Traugott to the right, their son Anton to the left, and Luise herself second to the right

Christian Friedrich Traugott Duttenhofer (4 August 1778 – 16 April 1846) was a German engraver.

Duttenhofer was born at Gronau in Wurtemberg in 1778. He studied under Klengel at Dresden, and is chiefly known by his landscapes after Claude, Poussin, Annibale Carracci, P. Bril, and various views in Tyrol. He also copied Woollett's print of Solitude, after Wilson, and was one of the artists employed on the Musée Napoléon. He died at Heilbronn in 1846. His son, Anton Duttenhofer, who was likewise an engraver, and was a pupil of his father, died at Stuttgart in 1843, at the age of 31.

Fall of the Sierning, 1807