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A Christian dance company is a dance company usually specializing in ballet that uses dance as a ministry to reach out to non-Christians, strengthen the faith of Christians, and to bring joy to poor countries or devastated areas.

Christian dance companies perform, and up to the time of the performance usually participate in missionary style work in the area they have traveled to, engaging in activities such as feeding the homeless or building housing in rural areas.

Christian Dance Companies[edit]

  • Ballet Magnificat!
  • Paradosi Ballet Company
  • Ballet Rejoice
  • Ballet 5:8
  • Coram Deo at Bethel Ballet Academy
  • [1] EAST COAST BALLET, Jacksonville Beach, Florida
  • Expressions of Joy Dance Studio
  • Fueled & Aflame Dance Company
  • Freedom in Motion Ministries
  • New Heights Dance Ministry
  • Nomel Inspirational Dance Theater
  • Praise In Motion
  • Saved To Dance Christian Dance Resources
  • REVELATION! Dance Theatre of Kingdom Arts Institute International
  • The Royal Stage
  • Soli Deo Gloria Contemporary Ballet
  • Liturgical Dance Company
  • Outpour Dance Company
  • Madi Portes and Immanuel Dance Center
  • Corps Bara Dance Theatre
  • Light of the World Ballet
  • Work of Art Dance Theater
  • Basileia Christian Dance Company
  • Ross Dance Company
  • Kadosh Dance Company, Bozeman MT
  • The Calling Christian Dance Company
  • Emma Elliott Dance
  • ramatic Truth Ballet Theatre
  • Grace Christian Dance Company
  • Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet
  • Ad Deum Dance Company
  • A*Dore Dance Company
  • The Rebirth Network
  • Masterworks Touring Company
  • Kairos Kreative Ministries [2]

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