Romani dance

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Romani dance in Slovenia

This is a list of dances of the Romani people.

Asia Minor & Turkey[edit]

Roman Havasi: It is a type of mainly Turkish folkloric dance from where has been adapted from, with the main base and elements of Byzantine music.

Balkans, Hungary, and Romania[edit]

  • Čoček, a dance originating from Ottoman military bands that was later adopted by Roma in the Balkans

Cale Gitanos & Flamenco (Spain)[edit]

Egypt & Ghawazi[edit]

Russia & Ruska Roma[edit]

Russian Romani dance is characterized by gradual speed-up of music and movements. Female dance includes wide hand waves with the skirt and shoulder shakes. Male dance traditionally includes complex tap dance and patting knees, shoulders, and hips.

Related groups[edit]

Groups of the Middle East and India also known as gypsies:

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