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Christophe Bisciglia (born 1980) is a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur known for his work with big data and cloud computing. Known for helping to popularize the programming model MapReduce while working at Google, and in addition he co-founded Cloudera and WibiData.


Bisciglia was raised primarily in Gig Harbor, Washington. Bisciglia attended the University of Washington from 1999 to 2003 and graduated in 2003 with a bachelor of science degree from the department of Computer Science and Engineering.[1] In 2015 he received an Honorary Doctorate degree from University of Washington.[1]

After graduating college he joined Google to work as software engineer[1] on search quality. He founded and lead Google's Academic cloud computing initiative which provides Google hosted computational resources to facilitate education and research to universities around the world.[2] In February 2008, the National Science Foundation joined this initiative to distribute Google's computational resources to the national research community.[citation needed]

In 2008, Fortune (magazine) named Bisciglia as one of the 10 most fascinating Googlers[3] and in 2010 he was one of the smartest people in tech.[4]

He left Google in 2008 in order to co-found Cloudera.[1] Cloudera is a Palo Alto-based company providing tools, services, and support around Apache Hadoop.

WibiData was founded in 2010, and it was a San Francisco-based company that provided big data applications for enterprises to personalize their customer experiences.

Computer science[edit]

Bisciglia's primary contribution to computer science has been the introduction of hands-on large-scale computing into the undergraduate computer science curriculum originally developed at the University of Washington. In 2008, along with co-authors, Aaron Kimball and Sierra Michels-Slettvet, Bisciglia published a research paper titled "Cluster Computing for Web-Scale Data Processing." This paper details the first MapReduce based large-scale computing course ever offered to undergraduate students, and has provided the foundation for similar courses at Carnegie Mellon University, M.I.T., and Tsinghua University.

Selected publications[edit]

  • Kimball, A.; Michels-Slettvet, S.; Bisciglia, C. (2008). "Cluster computing for web-scale data processing". ACM SIGCSE Bulletin. 40: 116. CiteSeerX doi:10.1145/1352322.1352177.


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