Zhu Jiahua

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Zhu Jiahua
Chu Chia-hua 朱家驊 ZhūJiāhuá 1935.jpg
Vice Premier of the Republic of China
In office
12 June 1949 – 12 March 1950
Premier Yan Xishan
Chen Cheng
Preceded by Chia Ching-teh
Succeeded by Chang Li-sheng
Personal details
Born 30 May 1893
Huzhou, Zhejiang, Qing Dynasty
Died 3 January 1963(1963-01-03) (aged 69)
Nationality  Republic of China
Political party Naval Jack of the Republic of China.svg Kuomintang
Former residence of Chu Chia-hua in Nanjing.

Zhu Jiahua or Chu Chia-hua (Chinese: 朱家驊; pinyin: Zhū Jiāhuá) was a politician in the Republic of China. In the early 1930s he served as minister of communications for the Nanking- based KMT regime.[1] He was the Vice Premier in 1949–1950.[2]

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