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This is the band Chumbawamba's discography.


Year Album Record label Notes
1986 Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records Agit Prop UK Indie #2.[1] Released on CD by One Little Indian in 1994 as First 2
1987 Never Mind the Ballots Agit Prop UK Indie #2.[1] Released on CD by One Little Indian in 1994 as First 2
1988 English Rebel Songs 1381–1984 Agit Prop UK Indie #13.[1] Reissued 1993 and re-released on CD by One Little Indian in 1995
1990 Slap! Agit Prop Reissued 1995 & 1999 by One Little Indian. Re-released on double CD by MUTT in 2003 as Shhhlap!
1992 Jesus H. Christ Tragic Flop Unreleased due to legal issues; remade as Shhh
Shhh Agit Prop re-released in 1994 on Southern Records. Re-released on double CD by MUTT in 2003 as Shhhlap!
1994 Anarchy One Little Indian/London Records UK #29[2]
Showbusiness! One Little Indian Live album
1995 Swingin' with Raymond One Little Indian UK #70[2]
1997 Tubthumper EMI/Universal UK #19,[2] US #3, 3× Platinum
2000 WYSIWYG EMI/Universal
2002 Readymades MUTT
2003 Revengers Tragedy MUTT soundtrack to Alex Cox movie Revengers Tragedy
English Rebel Songs 1381-1984 MUTT Re-recording of the 1988 album
2004 Un MUTT/Koch Records/Edel Records
2005 A Singsong and a Scrap No Masters/Edel Records
2006 Get On with It No Masters Live album
2008 The Boy Bands Have Won No Masters
2010 ABCDEFG No Masters


Year Single Peak chart positions Album

1985 "Revolution" 4 singles only
1986 "We Are the World?" (split single with A State of Mind) 4
1988 "Smash Clause 28! Fight the Alton Bill!" 5
1990 "I Never Gave Up Slap!
1992 "(Someone's Always Telling You How To) Behave" Shhh
1993 "Enough Is Enough" 56 Anarchy
"Timebomb" 59
1994 "Criminal Injustice" single only
"Homophobia" 79 Anarchy
1995 "Ugh! Your Ugly Houses!" 84 Swingin' with Raymond
1996 "Just Look at Me Now"
1997 "Tubthumping" 2 1 1 6 Tubthumper
1998 "Amnesia" 10 34 7 [A]
"Top of the World (Olé, Olé, Olé)" 21 singles only
1999 "Tony Blair"
2000 "She's Got All the Friends That Money Can Buy" WYSIWYG
2003 "Jacob's Ladder (Not in My Name)" Readymades
"Home with Me"
"Salt Fare North Sea"
2004 "On eBay" Un
"The Wizard of Menlo Park"
2006 "Fade Away (I Don't Want To)" A Singsong and a Scrap
2013 "In Memoriam: Margaret Thatcher" EP only


Title Record label Year Notes
First 2 Agit Prop/One Little Indian 1992/1994 Re-release of Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records and Never Mind the Ballots on CD
Uneasy Listening EMI 1998 Compilation of songs from 1986–1998, plus one new song
Shhhlap! MUTT 2003 Double CD re-release of Shhh and Slap!

Compilation appearances[edit]

(not including top-single compilations)

Song Name Compilation Title Record Label Year Notes
"I'm Thick" Back on the Streets EP Secret Records 1982 recording as 'Skin Disease', a mock skinhead/Oi! band
"Three Years Later" Bullshit Detector Volume 2 Crass Records 1982
"The Police Have Been Wonderful", "Fitzwilliam" Dig This: A Tribute To The Great Strike LP Forward Sounds International Limited 1985 Liner notes list Margaret Thatcher on vocals and Neil Kinnock on lead guitar
"Rich Pop Stars Make Good Socialists" Red Rhino Records 1986 Free flexi with June edition of independent trade magazine The Catalogue. 3 other artists including The Mekons.
"Kinnochio" Ideal Guest House cassette Secret Records 1986
"Knit Your Own Balaclava" Mindless Slaughter Anhrefn Records 1987 Re-released in 1989 on "The Liberator" compilation LP
"Younger Moralists" A Vile Peace Peaceville Records 1987
"Tearing Up Zoo" The A.L.F. Is Watching No Master's Voice 1988
"Harry Goldthorpe" Wild And Crazy Noise Merchants 1 in 12 Records 1990 Benefit CD for the 1 in 12 Club in Bradford, UK
"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" No Compromize Delerium Records 1996 Benefit CD for the Campaign for Free Education; Cover of U2 song
"Homophobia (Live)" Milkshake timmi-kat ReCoRDS 1998 Benefit CD for the Harvey Milk Institute; Can be purchased here.[6]
"Top of the World (Ole, Ole, Ole)" Music of the World Cup: Allez! Ola! Ole! Columbia Records 1998 Official album for 1998 FIFA World Cup in France
"We Don't Go To God's House Anymore (Acoustic)" No Ocean Separating Our Desire For Justice Esan Ozenki Records 1998 Benefit CD for Mumia Abu-Jamal; Performed by Chumbawamba & Alabama 3
"Unilever" This Is The Animal Liberation Front Mortarhate Records 1998 Benefit CD for the Animal Liberation Front
"Misbehave" Return of the Read Menace G7 Welcoming Committee Records/AK Press 1999
"Mary Mary (Stigmata Mix)" Stigmata - Original Soundtrack Virgin 1999 Remix of song; Featured in opening credits of Stigmata
"Bella Ciao" Article 14 Irregular Records 2001 Benefit CD for the medical foundation for victims of torture in support of their work on behalf of asylum seekers
"Smart Bomb" Dropping Food On Their Heads is Not Enough: Benefit For RAWA Geykido Comet Records 2002 Benefit CD for the Revolutionary Association for the Women of Afghanistan
"Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight" With a Little Help From My Friends Pirate Records 2002 German benefit CD for dolphin aid; Beatles cover
"Without Reason Or Rhyme (Acoustic)" Kitestringing: The Prison Literature Project Benefit AK Press 2006 Benefit CD to raise money to buy books for prisoners

Related releases[edit]

Artist Song title(s) Album title Record label Year Notes
Chimp Eats Banana Cardboard Box N/A 1980 Cassette only release by proto-Chumbawamba group
Boffo "Garageland" Bullshit Detector Volume 2 Crass Records 1982 aka Boff Whaley; Cover of a song by The Clash
Passion Killers "Start Again" Bullshit Detector Volume 2 Crass Records 1982 aka Boff & Harry
Passion Killers & Chumbawamba See here[7] Be Happy Despite It All Sky and Trees 1983 Cassette only release; featuring hand coloured cover
Passion Killers It's Up To You Sky and Trees 1984 Cassette only release
Passion Killers & Chumbawamba Let Us Show Them Our Hearts Sky and Trees 1984 Cassette only release
Antidote See here[8] Destroy Fascism! Loony Tunes 1986 Features members of Chumbawamba & The Ex
Sportchestra! See here[9] 101 Songs About Sport Agit Prop 1988 2 LP release; Collaborations with various other musicians
Passion Killers See here[10] Whoopee, We're All Gonna Die EP Rugger Bugger Discs 1991 7" EP of cover songs
Credit to the Nation See here[11] "Sowing the Seeds of Hatred" One Little Indian 1994 12" single; Production and remixes by Boff, Harry & Neil
Oysterband "Jam Tomorrow" & "One Green Hill" "Jam Tomorrow / One Green Hill" Running Man Records 1996 12" single; Remixes by Chumbawamba
Negativland & Chumbawamba See here[12] "The ABCs of Anarchism" EP Seeland Records 1999 Collaboration that extensively samples Chumbawamba

Miscellaneous cassettes[edit]

  • Another Year of the Same Old Shit (Sky and Trees, 1982)[13]
  • "Common Ground" (Sky and Trees, 1984) (Benefit single for striking miners)
  • It Could Be So Much More (Acid Rain Products, 1984) (Joint with Flux of Pink Indians, recorded live at the Conway Hall, London)
  • History Luddite, (Homebrew Tapes, 1984) (Live at Luton Library, May 1985)
  • To Thine Own Self Be True (Sky and Trees, 1984)
  • In the Cellar (Sky and Trees?, 1984)
  • Know Your Enemy (Doomsday Tapes, 1986) (Live material recorded at the Bull and Gate, London)
  • Feed the World, 1986 (Live material recorded in Birmingham)
  • Un Toast a la Democratie, 1986 (Early live incarnation of "Never Mind the Ballots")
  • There Comes a Time, 1987 (Recordings of two shows)
  • Raising Heck with Chumbawamba (Peaceville Records, 1989) [recorded 1983/4](Live material plus songs by Simon Lanzon)


  1. ^ "Amnesia" did not enter the Billboard Hot 100, but peaked at number one on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart.[5]