Choosinodiki Choosinanta

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Chusinodiki Chusinantha
Directed by Anil Vatupalli
Produced by P.S.R
Written by Anil Vatupalli
Starring Shivaji, Nagendra Babu, Leslie Tripathy
Release date
12 December 2014
Country India
Language Telugu

Chusinodiki Chusinantha is a 2014 released Telugu movie starring Sivaji, Nagendra Babu, and Leslie Tripathy and directed by Anil Vatupalli.[1][2][3] It was released on 12 December 2014. Producer of the film got a recent hit with 'Ekadiki pothavu chinavada' and heroin of chusinodiki chusinantha got lead role in 'Nandini Nursing home'https: [4] The only one left behind woods was director.

Talented director Anil Vatupalli was struggling hard to get his next movie.


Chusinodiki Chusinantha is an action based romantic movie with comedy drama. The movie is made by the P.S.R Film Corporation,[5] produced by P.S.R, and directed by Anil Vatupalli. Shivaji was in the lead role and along with many veteran actors of industry.

PSR Film cooperation has one block buster, ekadiki pothavu chinavada, starring Nikhil Siddharth Hebah Patel Nandita Swetha Avika Gor Raja Ravindra

Anil vatupalli want to be one of the star director in Telugu film Industry. Arachakudu is the next upcoming movie that is expected from this young director.


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